175hp L-Series Crawler Dozer

  • Net Power: 131 kW (175 hp) at 1,700 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 17,041 – 18,162 kg (37,569 – 40,040 lb.)
  • Track on Ground: 2604-3093 mm (103 in. -122 in.)


The new and improved L-Series


750L Features

Versatility and performance to do more

John Deere L-Series Crawler Dozers are designed to be more productive than ever before with class leading horsepower, weight, and the largest blades in their size classes. Whether in a specialised role in your road building team, or a versatile workhorse for site development and forestry applications, benefit from the power, uptime, and precision of a John Deere dozer.

The 750L has the highest horsepower (6% more horsepower than the 750K) and largest blade capacity in its size class, running a reliable John Deere PowerTech™ six-cylinder 6.8L turbocharged diesel engine. Combining more power than any dozer in its class with additional weight over its predecessor, the 750L is 12% more productive in backfilling applications than its closest competitor.

Track configurations are available to suit different applications and ground conditions, with standard to extra long and wide long track gauge options, or low ground pressure track for improved flotation and increased stability in difficult terrain.

Grade control ready for higher productivity

John Deere L-Series dozers come with standard EH controls that allow for aftermarket grade control solutions from various suppliers. When you order your dozer grade control ready with a supplier-ready kit, adding a grade-control system is as easy as plugging in the components, calibrating, and going to work, whether your preferred system is Topcon, Leica, or Trimble. With the added precision of built-in construction technology, one machine can be used to achieve a near finished grade even with less experienced operators on the job, meaning smoother grades and fewer passes.

Grade control options such as Slope Control and SmartGrade* provide in-depth factory integration and are supported by your John Deere dealer. Available across all L-Series dozers, Slope Control assists operators to hold grade through changes in existing terrain with less effort, while SmartGrade offers fully integrated mastless 3D grade control with track load-sensing. When deciding which level of grade control is best for your business, RDO will work with you to determine the best system to align with intended applications and your experience, system preferences, and budget.

*SmartGrade only available on machines configured with a PAT blade

Minimised maintenance and service costs

Depending on your choice of track to suit your typical job types and ground conditions, choosing the right level of track protection will ultimately save time and money for your operation. John Deere L-Series Dozers come standard with sealed and lubricated track (SALT) protection, but for machines that will operate in more abrasive ground conditions there is the option to upgrade to coated bushings and larger track components for longer and more balanced wear on undercarriage components.

Factory-fitted machine protection options include debris protection (heavy duty grill, large debris prescreen), engine air pre-cleaner and sever-duty field filters, track guards, rear drive guards and recessed sprocket segments, limb risers, and full cab screens for operator safety. A number of factory field kits are also available.

Routing of electrical and hydraulic systems has been significantly simplified to nearly eliminate wear points, improving reliability and ease of maintenance over earlier models. Routine maintenance is streamlined by easy access fluid and filters, undercarriage clean out, reversing fan as standard, and key service and inspection points. Extended hydraulic and hydrostatic oil-change intervals from 2,000 to 4,000 hours help further minimise maintenance and expense.

Improved operator comfort and visibility

John Deere’s L-Series Dozers give you more cab space (15% more than previous series) for comfortable, all-day operation, with simple climate control, reduced noise and vibration, and improved visibility. Your operators will be more comfortable and productive with intuitive control of the transmission, hydraulics, and rear implement, all from the comfort of a deluxe seat with heavy-duty air suspension (upgradable to leather with heating and ventilation).

Additional improvements to visibility gives operators the confidence to keep on moving, with improved sightlines to the blade corners and the worksite all around. More glass (16% more than previous series) and larger cab doors (14% larger door openings), optional factory-installed rearview camera, and LED lighting package upgrade options combine to reduce operator strain and increase site safety and productivity.