An incredibly powerful 4WD tractor for large-scale cropping

  • Engine Power: 419 kW (570 hp)
  • Engine: John Deere PowerTech™ 13.5L engine or Cummins® QSX15 Engine
  • Transmission: e18 PowerShift™ with Efficiency Manager
  • CommandView™ III cab
  • New HydraCushion™ Suspension option

9R 570 Features

Cummins X15 (15-L [912 cu in] displacement) engine

John Deere and Cummins® have partnered to provide customers with a reliable, productive and efficient engine solution in the X15 15L engine. Extensive work has been done between John Deere and Cummins on software development and other engine/tractor application interface points to provide producers with the performance and efficiency they have come to expect from John Deere.

VGT turbocharger – the X15 utilises a single Cummins VGT™ turbocharger which features electric actuation for infinite adjustment.

Cooled EGR –system has been rebalanced for use with SCR, reducing flow volume and minimising diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption levels.

Fully integrated electronic controls – a single electronic control module (ECM) controls everything from air intake to exhaust after-treatment.

Cummins particulate filter and SCR – Cummins particulate filter operates as a nearly passive device, with minimal regeneration required.

Cummins and VGT are a trademarks of Cummins Incorporated.

Standard CommandView III cab offers unsurpassed amenities

The standard CommandView™ III cab offers unsurpassed visibility, operator comfort, control placement, and ride and sound quality.


  • ComfortCommand™ seat with air suspension, lumbar support, swivel, fore-aft and lateral attenuation, backrest angle adjustment, adjustable left-hand armrest, and 40-degree right-hand seat swivel
  • Operator presence system that warns if the operator is out of the seat while operating key functions
  • Folding instructional seat
  • CommandARM™ with integrated controls
  • 4100 or 4600 Generation 4 CommandCenter™
  • Air conditioner and heater with automatic temperature controls (ATC)

JDLink services and Service ADVISOR diagnostic systems

JDLink™ is the John Deere telematics system designed for operators and managers who desire to take their operations to the next level of productivity and efficiency without leaving the office. Whether it is receiving an e-mail or text message, users can manage the operation in real-time without being in the cab. Using the power of JDLink can optimise productivity, increase uptime, and boost profits with JDLink information all accessible from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Service ADVISOR™ diagnostics greatly assist in reducing service costs and downtime. It allows the John Deere service technician to readily extract vital information about tractor malfunctions through the Service ADVISOR data port. Diagnostic codes and controller area network (CAN) bus statistics stored by the tractor and visible in the CommandCenter™ display are used by service technicians to isolate, identify, and resolve problems.

Diagnostics and CAN bus statistics are not normally used by the operator. Access and use of trouble codes should only be done by a qualified, factory-trained John Deere service technician.

More power to the ground and implements

Designed specifically for heavy equipment usage, the John Deere HydraCushion suspension system combines with the four-wheel drive (4WD) axle components to deliver unsurpassed productivity gains. It reduces the possibility of power hop, thereby ensuring that the tractor will put more power to the ground, while giving the operator a more comfortable ride.

Fully independent 1000-rpm PTO is available as a factory or field-installed option. All tractors in the 9 family utilise an electro-hydraulic PTO-engagement switch to activate the optional 1,000 rpm PTO with 45 mm diameter shaft. This allows you to run the equipment longer per season, for example operating large grain trailers during the harvest season.

Tractors in the John Deere 9 family offer a wide range of hitch, PTO and drawbar options, combining incredible pulling power with versatility across a huge variety of applications. John Deere’s advanced hydraulic technology helps reduce the load on the engine and improves fuel efficiency, delivering high flow rates at lower rpm for low fuel consumption and a quieter ride.

e18 PowerShift transmission (PST) with Efficiency Manager feature

The e18™ transmission delivers smooth shifting and intuitive controls in a reliable 18-speed PST transmission. The e18 transmission with enhanced Efficiency Manager™ is standard equipment on all 9 Series Tractors.

Efficiency Manager is automatically enabled in auto and custom modes. Efficiency Manager can be turned on in manual mode by selecting the set speed one or set speed two button on the CommandARM™ console. The set speed adjuster on the top of the single-lever gear selector allows the operator to dial in the desired ground speed to establish set speed one or two. Once engaged, Efficiency Manager will manage the engine rpm and gear selection to maintain the desired working speed. To reach the desired set speed, the throttle must be set to full engine rpm.

General maintenance

Regular service and maintenance are essential to the performance, productivity, and longevity of all farm machinery.

Maximum uptime is an important element of productivity.

  • 9 Series Tractor service points are quick and simple to check.
  • Greater accessibility improves serviceability.

All items in the daily service schedule can be performed without the use of tools:

  • Engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant level, and water separator can be conveniently accessed from ground level without having to open the hood. Engine oil can be checked by simply removing one small engine side panel.