Front End Loader for 5E Series Utility Tractors

  • Compatible with 5E series tractor range
  • Enhanced strength and durability
  • Perfect tractor stability
  • High capacity hydraulics
  • Unmatched visibility

The H240 front loader is the best partner for the 5E series. Built for performance and durability, designed for more visibility and control; ensuring your tractor will operate at maximum efficiency when used with the front loader.



A loader built for performance and durability

The H-Series Front Loaders are the best partner for John Deere tractors. The boom is specially designed to optimise visibility with a wide dimension and integrated hydraulic hoses.  The durability of the loader, which uses tested components, ensures the tractor will operate at maximum efficiency when used with the front loader.

Visibility and durability are important for the operator, but so is control. To ensure control of the loader attachments, H-Series Loaders are equipped with an exclusive bucket-level indicator, which indicates the angle the attachment is situated.

Tractor-ready feature saves time and ensures quality integration with front loader

Tractor ready for front loader, available directly from the factory

The tractor-ready feature is an option orderable from the factory for the 5M and 5G Series Tractors. This option allows dealers to receive the tractor equipped with the loader components directly from the tractor factory. The tractors are then delivered with the mounting frames, the mid-mount valve with hoses, and hydraulic fittings, the mechanical joystick, and the loader coupling points, mounted and tested.

Easy to mount and dismount the loader

Only three quick steps are required to safety disconnect the front loader.

  1. Place the loader on the ground with the bucket dumped.
  2. Put the parking stand down.
  3. Remove the mast pins.

After this step, the tractor can be brought in neutral position and the front loader removed with the help of the bucket and lift cylinders. Once the front loader masts are disconnected from the mounting frames, the next step can be conducted.

Before taking the multicoupler off, release the pressure of the hydraulic hoses by moving the joystick in all directions. Then take the multicoupler off and place it on the front loader boom as shown.

Reverse the tractor and continue your work.