Kuhn EL 122-250 Rotary Power Tiller

  • Compatible with selected John Deere utility tractors*
  • Promotes crop germination and root development to maximise crop yields
  • Power tillers excel in creating a fine seedbed in even the most difficult conditions
  • Rotors and rollers and the multiple adjustment possibilities make it easy to adapt the power tiller to your specific needs

* Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Horsepower requirement may vary with different crops, conditions and options used. Please consult our team for proper tractor sizing.

Intensive soil preparation for improved results in heavy soils

Good seedbed preparation promotes crop germination and root development to maximise yields. The large width El 122, El 162, El 282 and El 402R models are commended by large arable farms, mixed farms, market gardeners and contractors alike. The wide choice of rotors and rollers and the multiple adjustment possibilities make it easy to adapt the power tiller to your specific needs.



Work in all conditions

DUPLEX gearbox: adaptable for different soil conditions

EL 122-162-282-402 R models are designed for intensive use, with a gearbox designed for powerful tractors. Thanks to the reversable gears, rotor speed is easily adaptable to obtain an optimum result regardless of the conditions. The set of standard gearwheels as well as additional gearwheels (optional) offer a great range of speeds. A standard PTO speed allows it to also drive other tools mounted on the power tiller.

Effective cooling system

The central gearbox and the two side gearboxes of the EL 282 and EL 402 R power tillers are equipped with integrated pumps ensuring a constant oil circulation which ensures gear lubrication and cooling of the gearboxes. The large surface of the oil tank allows for efficient cooling without the need of a fragile radiator or fan system that can clog easily. The synthetic oil used operates at temperatures higher than standard oils. Both systems are equipped with oil filters and are separated to avoid cross-contamination.

Settings designed for increased adaptability

A large number of rear-hood adjustments and the fact that it is articulated in two parts, ensure consistent soil crumbling and tool stability. The adjustment of the rear hood position (soil crumbling), is made using easily accessible crank at the front of the machine. This makes it easier to adjust the hood when a roller and / or an integrated seed drill are mounted on the rear of the tiller. The design of the hinges and hoods is sturdy for a long service life. On the EL 402R-600, adjustment can be done hydraulically on the move, to fine tune the level of finish without interrupting the work.

Robust & reliable

Reliable driveline

The EL 122 and EL 162 power tillers have a large diameter rotor driven by sturdy case-hardened steel gearwheels which are oil-lubricated for maximum durability. The advantage is that the drive wheels are held by bearings placed on both sides, ensuring good meshing for excellent reliability. The sealing of the rotor bearing is carried out using a double faced O-ring seal for superior performance in difficult conditions.
On EL 282 and 402 R power harrows, all gears of the gearbox are supported on both sides by tapered roller bearings. The driveline benefits from a highly dimensioned toothed profile that is unmatched on the market. The double drive of the EL 282 power tiller ensures a seamless torque transmission and is more efficient: a KUHN exclusive! The DUPLEX gearbox offers a wide range of speeds. The central housing is positions towards the rear to increase the length of the PTO and reduce working angles: an essential for tractors equipped with large-diameter wheels.

Heavy-duty frame and casing

The large-section casing forms a one-piece frame of high rigidity and resistance in very difficult conditions. In stony conditions, the outer guards of the machine are protected thanks to the inner lining of the casing.

A robust headstock

Its sturdy design makes the headstock very resistant to wear. The multi-position and telescopic hitch points are suitable for many tractors.
On the EL 282 and EL 402 R power tillers, the headstock is designed for intensive operating conditions. Side bracings reinforce the structure of the machines exceeding 3 m. The hitch points are designed for cat. 3 and 4 tractors (and 4N for the EL 402 R-600) as well as for cat. 3 and 4 quick hitch systems.


CULTIROTOR: efficient incorporation of residues

KUHN power tillers: A degree of versatility that has never been matched! With CULTIROTOR, you can incorporate green manure and crop residues, destroy grassland and perform standard work on large farms. This rotor is equipped with L or C blades for effective residue burial and quality finish. The six blades per flange are also designed to provide good penetration and reduce power consumption. The blades are clamped onto the rotor by counter-flanges for high resistance in hard or stony soils. This rotor is standard fitted on EL 282 with DURAKUHN blades coated with a 10 mm carbide layer to provide a long service life.

CULTITILLER: straight tines for maximum effect

The digging position of the CULTITILLER rotor tines have a lifting and cutting effect. The left and right angled blades offer good levelling thanks to the lateral displacement of the soil. The CULTITILLER rotor is useful in ploughing or shallow work for minimum tillage but also effective in stony terrain or in order to achieve good incorporation of plant residues.

The FAST-FIT CULTITILLER quick release system is a KUHN exclusive. The tines are fixed by a single pin and changed in a few minutes.

CULTIPLOW: more blades for maximum crumbling

The blades of the CULTIPLOW rotor maximise the crumbling of the ground while providing good levelling thanks to the lateral displacement of the soil. Straight and twisted blades in the trailing position are inserted and secured by locking a bolt. They offer a large area of contact between the blade and the ground. This rotor is used for secondary tillage in dry clay soils, for shallow soil preparation in min-till cultivation systems and for preparing a fine seedbed for spring crops.

The EASY-FIT quick-release system allows you to remove and refit each blade with a single attachment bolt.