Kuhn GA 300 Utility Tractor GM Single Rotor Rakes

  • Compatible with John Deere utility tractors*
  • Maintenance free gearbox
  • 3.2m working width
  • Adjustable raking height
  • Ideal for small farms

* Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Horsepower requirement may vary with different crops, conditions and options used. Please consult our team for proper tractor sizing.

KUHN, forerunner of the rotary rakes, ensures the gentle raking of small farms. Technologies such as the double-bent tine arm with hyper-tangential performance have been specially developed to meet your needs. The design of the robust MASTER DRIVE gearbox allows all types of forage to be tackled in various conditions while increasing the equipment’s service life.



Reliability and time savings

Maintenance free gearbox

Tine arm drive components are housed in a fully enclosed gearbox casing and require no particular maintenance. The tine arm holders are fixed onto the upper and lower gearbox casing covers making them even more robust.

Tines made from heat treated steel

The tines rake the crop very gently, even when it is heavy and dense. They are made of heat treated steel so their service life is optimised and resistance to fatigue is increased. The “floating” tine attachment, featuring three large-diameter coils, also reduces the risk of wear. The tine height is tightly controlled to preserve both the stubble and the crop.

Quality raking

Many tine arms

The 9 tine arms on GA 300 GM, GA 3201 G and GA 3201 GM models and the 10 tine arms on the GA 3801 GM enable the tools to rake across the whole width. Having a large number of arms is a requirement for top-quality raking. They are in a hyper-tangential position (except GA 300 GM and GA 3201). This means that they reach a 90° angle late in the turning cycle, tine clearance is quick and requires little rotational effort to produce regular, fluffy and straight swaths. The raking is of high quality even at high speeds because the forage is not pushed too far out past the swath.

Swath curtain to adjust the swath width

The swath curtain is mounted on a parallelogram (except GA 300) and is easily adjusted by turning a handle. When extended outwards, the curtain automatically moves to the rear and vice versa. This is very practical as it is always correctly placed in relation to crop flow. No tools are required to set the swath width.


Headstock for unrivalled flexibility

GA 300 GM, GA 3201 GM and GA 3801 GM models are available with pivoting headstock so raking and swath quality when turning is just as good as on the straight. What’s more, the following baler will be easier to handle in the corners.
If your fields are sloping, opt for the GA 3201 G. With its fixed hitch system the rake will always follow the tractor even on the steepest slopes. It is fitted with pivoting wheels too and there is a lever on the wheel to adjust the machine height.

Wheels positioned extremely close to the rotor

The wheels are positioned extremely close to the rotor. As a result the tines follow the ground contours better to avoid impurities getting into the forage.