Large Square Baler

  • 2.2 m MegaWide™ pickup for better shaped bales and improved crop pickup
  • Designed by John Deere, the moisture sensor is the industry’s most accurate
  • BalerAssist™ drivetrain system option allows you to hydraulically back out plugs from the display or Bluetooth wireless system
  • With the Bale Mobile App, get real-time yield mapping, bale documentation, geo-tagging for retrieval and bale monitoring


MegaWide™ pickup with MegaTough™ pickup teeth provide added durability

  • 2.2-m (7.2-ft) wide pickup is available on the L331 and L341 Baler
  • 2.5-m (8.1-ft) wide pickup is available on the L341 Baler
  • MegaWide pickup makes it easier to produce better-shaped bales and improves crop pickup in wide, windblown, or scattered windrows
  • MegaTough pickup teeth provide greater strength and durability
  • Chain driven for positive feeding
  • Mechanical cutout clutch protection for added durability.

Knotter trip system

On the L331 and L341 Large Square Balers, the producer can choose between a mechanical trip system or an electrical trip system.

The electrical trip system offers the following advantages:

  • Bale length adjustment from the cab
  • Tying off the last bale from the cab
  • Reduction in maintenance requirements
  • Improved length accuracy
  • Predictive tie.

Baler monitor system is International Standard Organization Bus (ISOBUS) compatible

John Deere large square balers (LSBs) are ISOBUS compatible which enables them to work with any ISOBUS monitor system.

Baler control can also be incorporated into the CommandCenter™ on R Series Tractors as long as the tractor is ordered ISOBUS ready (GS-ready wiring harness option code 8064 or GS AutoTrac™-ready wiring harness option code 8067on 6R Tractors).

Current GreenStar™ (GS) displays, including the touchscreen 2630, 1800 as well as the GS 2600, are compatible for customers who already own a John Deere ISOBUS display.

Moisture sensor

The John Deere integrated moisture sensor for large square balers provides bale moisture levels throughout the baling process. Mounted forward in the bale chamber, it provides timely information for real-time decisions. This sensor was designed by John Deere specifically for the application, and uses an integrated display for less clutter in the cab. It operates in a complete range of moistures from dry to wet crops.

Weighing system

The John Deere bale weighing system provides bale weights throughout the baling process. With sensors mounted to the pre-compression chamber floor, it provides bale weights on a flake-by-flake basis. Knowing the flake weight helps the operator make more consistent bales. The current bale weight and previous bale weights can be displayed on the monitor.

Preservative applicator

Preservative tank

Preservative application allows harvesting hay at slightly higher moisture levels without worrying about spoilage or heat. Using preservative increases the baling window by allowing operators to begin baling earlier in the day and continue baling later into the evening, this greatly decreases the dependency on weather. This application system is capable of preserving hay up to a 27 percent moisture level without compromising hay quality.

Crop detection sensors

The one series LSB offers a John Deere designed preservative application system. The John Deere system is integrated with the John Deere moisture sensor. The high-accuracy moisture sensor enables more accurate application of preservative. Crop detection sensors detect crop to ensure that preservative is only being applied when crop is present.


The BalerAssist drivetrain system is an industry-exclusive offering that gives the operator the ability to hydraulically control the drivetrain. The system is able to operate in both the forward direction as well as the reverse direction and at two speeds each direction with a maximum speed of about 4 plunger strokes per minute.

Wear parts box

A wear parts box will be available for the L331 and L341 Large Square Balers (LSBs). The wear parts box includes 18 of the most common wear parts identified by customer support and engineering. Having these parts on hand will help producers keep their balers running during the season. The parts box is an option that can be ordered when configuring the baler.

Bale Mobile app provides more information to enable better decisions

Similar yield data that has been available for crops like corn and soybeans is now available for hay, thanks to the large square balers and the Bale Mobile app. The One Series Large Square Balers measure moisture and weight for each bale. This app takes that real-time information to a whole new level, whether baling, loading, or in the office managing.