Trailed Sprayer

  • 5,200 L tank volume
  • 620 L rinse tank
  • 2 x 280 L/min pump capacity (max 250 L/min to boom)


Simply ideal, multiple solutions to level up spray performance

The M900 Trailed Sprayer will make crop protection simply ideal.  A broad configuration possibility offers multiple solutions to level up spray performance where needed, in order to meet various value chain requirements. Smart solutions make spraying more productive and cost efficient, without compromising on the uptime.

Low-line design offers performance and uptime in field and on the road

The round-shaped polyethylene tank is fully cradled by the frame and gives the machine a low centre of gravity. This comes together with the double-linked ProRoad axle suspension providing stability needed on the road and in the field.

Operator’s station layout delivers easy control during filling, spraying, and rinsing

Ergonomic operator’s station design makes operation fast and easy. All levers are grouped together and with the large handles, setup is quick. The operator’s station is available in manual control with additional automation when it comes to filling, agitation, or dilution.

Premium precision and maximise uptime, smart solutions to optimise spray accuracy

Intelligence provides premium precision and boosts productivity in a smarter way. John Deere’s M900i Trailed Sprayers can be configured with intelligent features and integrated solutions that make spraying operations faster, easier, and more accurate.

Keep crop protection cost under control, intelligent solutions cut cost and boost productivity

Keep cost under control: intelligent solutions reduce input cost and enabling increase productivity. Automatic section control is a solution to optimise crop protection quality and extend the available spray window.

Rinsing and dilution, fast and easy with AutoDilute

Rinse and dilute machine from the comfort of the tractor cab with AutoDilute

John Deere’s award-winning multi-cycle dilution system for controlled residue disposal is an equipment option on the M900i Sprayer.