Maschio 180 Utility Tractor Terminator Mulcher

  • Compatible with John Deere compact tractors between 50-90 hp
  • Soil moisture is conserved
  • Heavy duty gearbox with free wheel mechanism
  • Robust frame

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The TERMINATOR is a mulcher designed to cut grass and woody material. It is ideal for intensive mulching on grass, uncultivated ground, fields with a wealth of crop residue such as sugarcane, cotton, banana orchards and olive groves for pruning and grass management.

Available in different working widths, it can be paired with John Deere utility tractors with horsepower in the 50 to 90 range.



Mulching Chamber

The mulching chamber of the Terminator has been designed for the most efficient mulching of sugarcane trash, cereal crop residue, cotton plants and orchard trimmings.

The size of the chambers has been optimised in order to attain highest mulching quality, considering the volume of residue generated by target crops.


The heavy duty gearbox is capable of performing under intense mulching load for long working hours. The free wheel mechanism protects the tractor and machine PTO shafts from sudden stoppage of the PTO.


  • Metallic guards
  • Side skids for adjusting chopping height
  • Hammers: 20
  • No. of knifes: 40 + 20
  • Weight: 475kg
  • Total width of 192cm