Put down the hammer!

Proprietary breakthrough design, engineered for maximum strength and impact absorption, this system delivers speedy installation and pin retention. Using the hammer-free installation, these wear parts let you work smarter and increase profits by slashing machine downtime.

  • TK Teeth are the factory fit.
  • Hammerless design allows quick and safe replacement, improving on-site safety. A simple socket or breaker bar wrench is all you need.
  • TK teeth have a consumption ratio of up to 70%.
  • Symmetrical multi-planer nose surfaces for a fully stabilized system and longer life.
  • Full line of tooth profiles and sizes.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty against breakage*.

For more information, refer to the John Deere Warranty Administration Manual.

TK-Series Teeth

  • John Deere Fanggs™ (FD)
    • Backhoe & excavator general applications.
    • 22% reduction in penetration force improving penetration capability.
    • Increased strength with curved design.
  • Severe Duty Tooth (SD)
    • Backhoe & excavator high abrasive applications.
    • 20% more wear material than Fanggs™ for those tough jobs.
    • Increased life, productivity and uptime.
  • Chisel Tooth (CH)
    • General purpose or rock applications.
    • Increased penetration.
    • Self-sharpening, symmetrical profile.

    NOTE: Not for use on loaders.

  • Tiger (TG)
    • Designed for excavators and backhoes.
    • Maximum penetration, symmetrical profile.
    • Compact soil, clay and rock applications.
  • Twin Tiger (TT)
    • Designed for excavators and backhoes.
    • Maximum penetration, symmetrical profile.
    • Generally used on outer adaptors with Tigers in centre to maximise clearance.
  • Flare (FD)
    • Designed for excavators and backhoes.
    • Lighter material applications requiring a flat trench.
    • Alternative for cutting edges with increased bucket fill capacity.
  • Loader (LD)
    • Designed for wheel loader and crawler loader.
    • Soft material 4wd loader applications.
    • Flat bottom profile to increase bucket fill.
  • Heavy Duty Loader (LDH)
    • Wheel loader and crawler loader.
    • High-abrasion loader applications with additional wear material available.
    • 38% heavier than standard loader tooth profile.
  • Alternative Options
    • All-Makes RVJ Tooth System (hammerless)
    • John Deere ‘Original Line’ Teeth (Traditional pin and lock system)
    • Caterpillar Replacement Teeth
    • H&L Replacement Teeth
    • Hensley Replacement Teeth
    • ESCO Helilok®/Vertalok® System



Order your bucket teeth and parts, your way

Whatever you need, RDO Equipment can source it for you. You can order your John Deere bucket teeth and parts at any RDO Equipment branch in person, by phone, request a quote online, or order parts directly via RDO Equipment’s MyDealer customer portal (available to RDO account customers).