Protect your investment!

RDO has a solution for all your cutting-edge needs. Our full line of cutting edges covers everything from a standard, economical carbon edge to specialty edges like our John Deere Jagz™ Interlocking Edge System. Contact us to review your specific application and find out which John Deere system is best for you.

  • Half-Arrow Blades

    These blades are built to perform and used to replace the standard double-bevel design commonly used on loaders when no tooth and adaptor options are installed.

    • High-Spec Alloy X14 steel.
    • Superior impact resistance.
    • More material in high-wear areas giving excellent wear characteristics.
    • Increased bucket capacity.
    • Enhanced bucket penetration & material flow.
    • Max depth countersinking maximizes wear before bolt head failure.
    • Half-arrow blades and base-edge covers completely protect the base edge from abrasion.
    • The sharpened nose design enables excellent penetration capability and enhanced material flow into the bucket.
  • Dura-Max™ Edges

    John Deere Dura-Max cutting edges provide OEM quality and durability, with a lifetime breakage warranty to back them up. Dura-Max edges can be used across a variety of construction machines. Properly managing your machine’s cutting edge system helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment.

    Features and Benefits

    • Life-time warranty from John Deere against breakages before it wears out*. If a Dura-Max or Specialty Cutting Edge or Dura-Max end bit breaks before it wears out, a new cutting edge or end bit will be furnished free of charge.
    • Stronger, harder and more durable than industry standard. Dura-Max is manufactured with a thru-hardened 15B30 boron steel, which is significantly harder than a standard carbon edge, ensuring maximum durability of your cutting edges over standard heat-treated carbon steel.
    • Protect your investment – Properly managing your machine’s cutting edge system helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment.

    Machine Compatibility

    • Dura-Max™ Cutting Edges can be used on all John Deere 4WD Loaders, Motor Graders, Backhoes, Crawlers, Skid Steers, Landscape Loaders, and Compact Excavators.
    • Dura-Max™ Cutting Edges can also be used across a variety of other brands**

    When to replace?

    • When you find your standard cutting edges are wearing too quickly in certain conditions, change out for Dura-Max cutting edges.

    *Warranty is to cover breakage before ground engaging parts reach the end of their useful life. This warranty does not cover failures due to wear. Provide complete descriptions of the defect and pictures of the failed components attached to the claim.

    **Selected older models do not apply, contact the Parts team for more information.

  • JAGZ™ Interlocking Cutting Edge System

    John Deere proprietary cutting edge system for any loader model, guaranteed for life against breakage. JAGZ™ are reversible, self-sharpening, made from through hardened 15B30 Boron Steel and are interchangeable across the bucket.

    • Reversible, bolt-on interchangeable pieces deliver more versatility, ease of install and adjustability, saving time and money.
    • Self-sharpening edges wear from the bottom up, giving up to twice the longevity and increased wear.
    • Flexibility of staggered or straight Interlocking configurations, depending on your application, leading to more accurate bucket fills and bucket penetration.
    • JAGZ™ are on 15cm (6”) bolt hole centres and are customisable depending on bucket width.
    • Less waste at the end of the lifecycle than traditional edges and users can reverse them for a fresh edge at any time!
    • JAGZ™ maximize usable steel by allowing for up to 90% wear before replacement compared to 50% usable steel on conventional bolt-on edges.
    • Extended wear life and lifetime warranty against breakage.
    • Designed for fleet flexibility, to fit the specific applications of loaders, scrapers, and excavators.
    • Leaves a smoother work surface, reducing tyre wear and increasing comfort.
  • Stinger™ Grader Cutting Edge System

    John Deere Stinger™ Grader Cutting Edge System delivers consistent, reliable performance in a wide range of applications. Stingers eliminate wash boarding and potholes, requiring fewer passes than standard grader blades, as well as decreasing the number of passes necessary to properly maintain a road surface.

    • Stinger bits are made with exclusive tungsten carbide-tips, which are stronger than steel and can penetrate hard-packed, gravel and frozen surfaces easily with less pressure and horsepower.
    • Stinger carbide bits last 10x longer than conventional blades.
    • Bits can be replaced easily with a hammer and drift in minutes – very easy to service!
    • Individually replaceable, rotating, and self-sharpening.
    • Wear uniformly & maintain an even cutting height due to their ability to be rotated from position to position.
    • Compatible with all Motor Graders – for use on secondary roads.
    • Available in over a dozen tool styles and fit universally into three blade strengths for a variety of applications:
        • STANDARD DUTY: ideal for light-use grading in average conditions.
        • HEAVY DUTY: useful in most grading environments.
        • SEVERE DUTY: best for working in extreme elements.
  • Other Cutting Edge Options

    In addition to the exclusive products above, we offer a variety of quality edges ranging from highly durable to economical alternatives for low impact use on a range of equipment. We also offer John Deere Universal Edges which provide an alternate cutting-edge repair option for all makes of equipment. They are available in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths, so they allow you to rebuild a bucket at minimal expense.


Order your cutting edges and parts, your way

Whatever you need, RDO Equipment can source it for you. You can order your John Deere cutting edges and parts at any RDO Equipment branch in person, by phone, request a quote online, or order parts directly via RDO Equipment’s MyDealer customer portal (available to RDO account customers).