Filters – It’s a perfect fit!

John Deere filters are designed and engineered by John Deere to exceed minimum specifications and are built for a John Deere machine. John Deere developers, engineers and designers collaborate to develop the best filter with maximum capability for contaminant removal and longevity with the best media to maximise service intervals and minimalise wear on componentry.

Good filtration reduces wear on a machine and increases performance. Filtration is used on liquids and gases to separate undesired particles from a system. All machinery is designed to incorporate the highest standard of oil, air, and fuel filtration systems to help protect and prevent unwanted wear and damages.

If a filter was to fail the downtime and repairs can be significantly costly. A quality filter is an investment in ensuring that a machines up-time and lifespan is at its maximum.

Air filters

John Deere air filters are a high-quality line of defence against possible engine contaminants. They reduce engine wear by removing dust, dirt, and other pollutants from intake air. They are highly efficient when it comes to trapping unwanted particles and prolonging engine life. John Deere uses premium media to provide higher efficiency. It’s important to maximise the surface area and John Deere achieves this with corrugated media, thus ensuring uniform pleat spacing. Furthermore, embedded technology minimises variation in pleat spacing.

Engine air filters have a large robust seamless two stage inner and outer seal, minimising potential leaks and ensuring excellent sealing properties. The increased open areas in inner and outer liners result in lower restriction

Cab panel filters have slight elasticity combined with excellent structural rigidity to ensure exact fitment into the housing and to maintain a clean work environment with efficient air flow.

Oil filters

The principal function of an engine oil filter is to remove contaminants from the oil system. Oil oxidation has major influence on engine life and combustion of fuel leaves behind ash and particulate matter. Without adequate filtering these particles can mix with the oil and speed up the process of oil oxidation, reducing the oils life expectancy and efficiency and ultimately shortening the engine’s life. John Deere oil filters reduce wear and increase service intervals by removal of microscopic contaminants, sludge and soot, resulting in better performance and lower running costs.

Hydraulic filters

The purpose of a hydraulic filter is to remove contaminants from hydraulic fluid, that could cause wear and tear on hydraulic and transmission components, whilst maintaining optimum flow. John Deere hydraulic filters are designed to provide maximum filtering with optimum flow rate, maximising hydraulic utilisation. John Deere hydraulic filters are engineered and tested to suit the specific application to ensure no leakage or contamination. It is important to have properly filtered hydraulic fluid to keep wear from happening to hydraulic pumps, cylinders and transmission components.

Fuel filters

When it comes to fuel, water is the number one enemy, leading to poor performance and reliability. That’s why John Deere fuel filters are specially designed to not only trap water, but also repel it. By coating the filter media through a specialised additional process, John Deere fuel filters protect your fuel components from damage and excessive wear through water contamination. Matched to your machine for optimised fuel flow, all genuine John Deere fuel filters are tested to meet or exceed original John Deere specifications.

Alternative filters

An alternative to John Deere filters is the A&I range of filters available at RDO Equipment branches. These filters have been inspected and tested by John Deere engineers to meet specifications and are covered by the A&I warranty. A more economical filter for older machines.

We also stock alternative filters for your John Deere machinery. These filters have been redesigned at a different specification level to fit John Deere machines.

Filter Paks – Compact Utility Tractors

Convenient complete solution with all your filter needs in one package to keep your tractor running at peak performance. Each pack contains an oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and hydraulic filter at better value than purchasing individually.

Filter Paks – Compact Track Loaders, Skid Steers

During specified periodic maintenance corresponding with 500- or 1000-hour intervals or when doing annual or off-season maintenance, John Deere have an easy and convenient CCE Filter Pak containing the required filters for selected compact construction equipment equipment at better value than purchasing individually

Order your filters and parts, your way

Whatever you need, RDO Equipment can source it for you. We offer same-day dispatch for parts in stock when ordered before 2pm, and if it’s not in-stock but available in-country, we can typically source it and ship it via your preferred method. You can order your John Deere filters and parts at any RDO Equipment branch in person, by phone, request a quote online, or order parts directly via RDO Equipment’s MyDealer customer portal (available to RDO account customers).