Not all oils are created equal

John Deere’s range of engine oils are designed, developed and tested to be tough enough for higher demands on off highway equipment. These oils, greases, and coolants are meticulously developed by experts who understand the requirements of hardworking machines and the extreme conditions. When you choose John Deere lubricants, you are choosing exceptional performance and optimal machine longevity. So, whether it’s hydraulic oil, engine oil, coolants, or gear lubricants, trust John Deere to provide quality products that keep your machinery running smoothly.

* 500 or 750 hour drain interval applies to John Deere diesel engines when the following criteria are met: 1. Engine is equipped with an extended drain interval oil pan. 2. Machine operates with Plus-50™ II engine oil API CK-4. 3. Machine uses a John Deere engine oil filter 4. Machine uses only ultra low sulphur diesel fuel.

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John Deere Plus-50™ II engine oil combined with John Deere filters can last longer giving you more time in the field, reduced downtime and reduced maintenance cost all leading to better value*.

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Engine oils

  • John Deere Plus-50™ ll Engine Oil

    John Deere engineers developed Plus-50™ II and tested the capabilities of the oil under the most extreme non-stop, full-load and high heat off highway conditions to meet the high standards set by John Deere. This full-fleet solution gives superior protection and lasts longer in the toughest of conditions.

    • Developed alongside John Deere engines to exceed API CK-4 performance levels for diesel engines and API SN performance levels for petrol engine.
    • John Deere guarantees Plus-50™ II Premium Engine Oil will meet or exceed the performance needs of diesel engines including extended drain intervals up to 500 or 750^ hours when using Plus-50™ II and John Deere filters in a John Deere engine.
    • Suitable for IT4 & Final tier 4 engines as well as being backwards compatible to tier 2 & 3 engines.
    • Formulated specifically to inhibit oxidation, deposits, corrosion, and wear with superior soot control.
    • Provides maximum sludge and varnish control for cleaner engines.
    • Excellent low temperature fluidity reduces engine startup wear.
    • Low ash technology to support diesel particulate filter service life.

    ^Extended drain interval time of 500 or 750 hours should be confirmed by checking the Operators Manual.

    ^500 or 750 hour drain interval applies to John Deere diesel engines when the following criteria are met: 1. Engine is equipped with an extended drain interval oil pan. 2. Machine operates with Plus-50™ II engine oil API CK-4. 3. Machine uses a John Deere engine oil filter 4. Machine uses only ultra low sulphur diesel fuel.

  • John Deere Torq-Gard™ Engine Oil
    • Full-fleet solution suitable for IT4 & Final tier 4 engines as well as being backwards compatible to tier 2 & 3 engines
    • Neutralises acid to reduce corrosion
    • Provides sludge control for cleaner engines
    • Low temperature fluidity for reduced engine startup wear
    • Low ash technology to support diesel particulate filter service life
  • John Deere Break-In™ Plus Engine Oil
    • Protects up to 500 hours during the engine break in period
    • Provides a controlled environment for piston rings and cylinder liners to establish good wear patterns for a long engine life
    • Contains special anti-wear additive to protect valves, bearings and gears during the break in period
    • Helps prevent excessive oil consumption
    • Meets the oil requirements for Tier 4 engines and supports all legacy engines

Hydraulic oils

  • John Deere Hy-Gard™ Hydraulic Oil

    This multi-viscosity oil has been developed for use across multiple operating conditions, hydraulic systems and transmissions requiring an ISO 46 or 68 hydraulic fluid to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Tested for real conditions and approved by John Deere engineers to meet the high-performance demands to protect your John Deere transmissions and hydraulic systems.

    • Contains proprietary additive pack developed by John Deere
    • Multi-viscosity formula for a wide range of operating temperatures to ensure applicable flow for increased efficiency and decreased wear
    • Superior high temperature performance and oxidation resistance which assists with keeping transmissions and hydraulic system parts cool and clean
    • High tolerance to water contamination without sludge formation
    • Anti-wear additives help prevent final drive metal to metal contact and reduces wear on gears and bearings.
  • ISO 68 High-Performance Hydraulic Oil

    Another John Deere full-fleet solution suitable across multiple machine types. Meets the high performance demands to protect your John Deere hydraulic systems where exceptional shear stability and wear protection is vital.

  • Hydrau™ Premium Hydraulic Oil

    Hydrau™ is a premium, all-season, anti-wear hydraulic oil specifically designed by John Deere for use in the hydraulic and hydrostatic systems of construction and forestry equipment. It is a full-fleet solution, used as the factory fill on new machines.

    • Exceeds the highest industry ISO 11158 category HV performance standard
    • Compatible with older equipment
    • Excellent cold-temperature flow characteristics and high-temperature viscosity
    • Superior oxidation and thermal stability
    • Outstanding anti-foam and air-release properties
    • Exceptional shear stability under severe operating conditions
    • Protect against rust and corrosion.
    • Extended change intervals* leading to lower cost of operation.

    * approx. double depending on machine – check operators manual for details

Turf oil

  • John Deere Turf-Gard™
    • Suitable for all turf machines
    • Provides outstanding protection against corrosion and wear.
    • Ensures rapid oil circulation.
    • Provides excellent engine cleanliness.

Gear oil

  • John Deere GL-5
    • Premium gear lubricant
    • Designed for gears, particularly hypoid which operate under conditions of
      • high-speed, shock-load
      • high-speed, low-torque
      • low-speed, high-torque


  • John Deere Cool-Gard™ II

    Anti-Freeze/Summer Coolant

    Cool-Gard™ II is a Nitrite free fully formulated coolant that delivers full protection from corrosion, cavitation, foaming, rust and scaling. Cool-Gard™ II is designed to defend your machine against high-heat conditions.

    • Developed specifically for John Deere engines and suitable for many liquid cooled engines, petrol or diesel, such as those found in other farm machinery, cars and trucks.
    • A full-fleet solution, made for on and off highway vehicles
    • Used for irrigation pumps, generators, and compressors
    • 6 year/6000 hour service life to reduce downtime and lower operating costs*
    • High thermal and oxidative stability required by engines equipped with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
    • Provides excellent protection against corrosion and deposits, extends water pump life and prevents cylinder liner cavitation.
    • Ready to use premix formulation, for top up or refill and guarantees water quality and coolant performance.

    *Rating applies when complete cooling system flush is performed prior to use.

Cotton grease & spindle cleaner

  • Spindle Grease

    Not all spindle greases provide the same level of performance – that is why John Deere developed the John Deere Spindle Grease. The superior formula meets lubricant 360T specifications for John Deere cotton pickers. High-grade, anti-wear additives and rust inhibitors protect the spindles and picking unit components and works in tandem with John Deere spindle cleaner to extend the service lives of all parts.

    • Minimises wear for optimum performance in the field and minimal consumption
    • Increases the increment between overhauls by 3 years.
    • Minimises spindle vibration and optimises yield
    • Reduces operating and maintenance costs and prolongs the life of the complex picker heads
    • Minimises your downtime for maintenance and protects against unexpected breakdowns
  • Spindle Cleaner

    Using the right formula of spindle cleaner protects your machinery and parts instead of washing away spindle grease with soap or detergents. John Deere has uniquely formulated their oil-in-water emulsion that incorporates tiny droplets of oil to both clean and protect spindles, bushings, doffers and moisture pads. The oil droplets provide protection against rust and oxidation of bushings and spindles. In both soft water and hard water, the spindles are cleaned effectively. Meets JDN354 specifications.

    • Increases your harvesting performance with a higher yield of cleaner cotton
    • Reduces your operating and maintenance costs by protecting your cotton picker’s mechanical parts from rust, oxidation, or corrosion
    • Saves on grease costs by minimising grease wash off
    • Reduces spindle wrapping and staining
    • Allows longer intervals between tank refills
    • Does not harden doffers and moisture pads as some soaps or surfactants do
    • Keeps spindles cleaner – cleans away dirt, plant residue and contaminants from the spindles


  • Multi-Purpose Grease

    SD Polyurea Grease

    • Our premium grease, for use in agricultural equipment, on/off road equipment, ride-on mowers, trucks, universal joints, bearings, and suspension. This grease performs well in severe applications, minimises wear, resistant to heat degradation.

    Lithium Grease

    • A general-purpose grease, which is effective for use in pins, bushings, anti-friction bearings. This grease performs well under moderate speeds, loads, and temperatures.

    HD Lithium Complex Grease

    • For use in agricultural equipment, on/off road equipment, ride-on mowers, trucks, universal joints, bearings, and suspension. This grease performs in stable high-operating temperatures and minimises wear at high speeds and under heavy loads.

    Multi-Purpose Extreme-Duty Synthetic Grease

    • This grease tolerates extremely high and cold operating temperatures. For use in farm, construction and commercial equipment, universal joints, wheel bearings, suspension systems and brake callipers.
  • Special-Purpose Grease

    Heavy-Duty Moly Grease

    • For use in construction, mining, and heavy industrial equipment. Used in pivot pins, bushings, ball joints and track rollers, but not to be used in wheel and roller bearings. Protects when shocks loads and sliding pressures are severe, and protects against extreme machine pressures.

    HD Water Resistant Grease

    • For use in wet environments, where rust and corrosion are prevalent. Used in pins, bushings, and anti-friction bearings. Protects against water washout and spray off

    Corn Head Grease

    • For use in corn-head gear cases. Used in reel mowers and gear cases running up to 1,000rpm. Thins to a heavy gear oil when hard at work, then thickens to a grease when at rest; will not leak from slow-moving gearboxes
  • John Deere grease guns

    Pistol-grip gun

    • Exclusively for John Deere grease, this gun has a contoured fixed handle for better grip and non-slip textured powder coated finish. It has an improved plunger rod design which locks with the rubber follower for purging the trapped air in grease. Standard-duty 3-jaw hydraulic coupler with hardened coupler jaws and body. Withstands pressures up to 5,000 PSI without deformation; hexagon nut for easy tightening design.

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