Sprayer Nozzles – An investment not a cost!

Sprayers are a key part of any farming operation; it applies some of the most expensive farm inputs to maximise the return on investment. Sprayers are a precision instrument; however, it is vital to have the right set of nozzles to maximise the effectiveness of the investment.

Nozzles are often the most overlooked item on a sprayer. Nozzles also have the greatest effect on accuracy, chemical efficacy, drift control and canopy penetration. The right nozzle selection can mean the difference between a second application and cost blow outs or downgrading of produce; reducing return on investment. Nozzles should be considered an investment in maximising potential and not a cost to the business.

All decisions have compromises, nozzle selection is no different. The trade-offs in nozzle selection are optimal coverage or drift control. That means there is not one nozzle to do it all. To capitalise on every hour in the field finding the right nozzle for the task is crucial. John Deere’s self-labelled ‘Technozzlegy’ has redefined sprayer performance by engineering nozzles for greater accuracy during every application.

How long do nozzles last?

There are too many variables in spraying to set a timeline for life expectancy for nozzles. Nozzles should be changed when they are worn 10%. If the nozzle flow is 10% more than its specification, then it needs to be changed. When using a spray rate controller, passing 10% wear results in a pressure drop, enough to alter the spray pattern, droplet size and actual flow rate. Extensive testing suggests that nozzle wear typically exceeds 10% between 18-24,000 Hectares of spraying. If the spray pattern alters enough to visually notice, then wear is likely approaching 20%. Regular flow testing is the only way to pick up on wear threshold.

Nozzles that are worn affect uniformity of spray pattern. Nozzles are designed to create an even rate across the spray pattern. When nozzles wear, the pattern changes enough to over apply in areas and underapply in others resulting in crop burn or weed resistance.

SnapLock Quick Change Cap – Faster Fitting with less effort

John Deere sprayer nozzles come with SnapLock technology. Fitting and removing nozzles can be a time-consuming job and the fatigue experienced when fitting traditional nozzle caps can be significant. With John Deere SnapLock technology, the time taken to do the task is dramatically reduced and fatigue is all but eliminated. John Deere SnapLock caps require 73% less torque to fit. Engineered to maintain a water tight seal, saving time and effort without compromises.

A John Deere Nozzle for Every Application

  • 3D Nozzles

    John Deere 3D Sprayer Nozzle

    Chemical efficacy is a high priority for any operation. In trials conducted 3D nozzles outperformed flat fan nozzles by 10% with up to 75% drift control*. Due to the unique angle of the spray tip and alternating the direction of the nozzle across the boom, 3D nozzles deliver the full desired application rate at the desired target. Engineered to enhance coverage of hard to hit targets like grass weeds and complex canopies.

    *Sygenta field trials controlling black grass

    3D nozzles are a truly versatile nozzle with exceptional results in insecticide and fungicide applications and post emergent herbicides. Designed through 10+ years of Syngenta guidance, field trials and wind tunnel research. The 3D Nozzle was the first flat fan nozzle to achieve 4 star international drift reduction rating without compromising efficacy.

    • 10% performance improvement against traditional flat fan nozzle.
    • Improved coverage and efficiency gains from reduced water volume.
    • Improved drift control of 60-75% compared to traditional flat fan nozzle.
    • Alternating nozzle direction improves spray accumulation on the target leaf.
    • Engineered to create a more consistent droplet size, reducing drift potential, keeping the application on the desired target.
    • Compatible with John Deere ExactApply, See & Spray, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and Conventional spraying.
    • John Deere SnapLock technology for faster and easier removal and installation.
    • Preassembled for convenience.
  • Ultra Low Drift Max (ULDM) Nozzles – When Drift Control is paramount.

    John Deere Ultra Low Drift Max (ULDM) Sprayer Nozzle

    Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Doing more with less is a key decision maker. Chemical technology is no different. High efficacy at low concentration has become the norm. With that comes the need to control drift more than ever. Low concentrations drifting onto valuable crops can wipe out unintended targets. When drift control is paramount John Deere has the Ultra Low Drift Max nozzle. An air inducted nozzle that creates large air-filled droplets across a broad range of speed and application rates.

    After droplet size, boom height is the second largest factor in impact drift control. Standard 110ᴼ nozzles require booms to be at a certain height to provide the correct amount of coverage. Ultra Low Drift Max nozzles have been engineered with 130ᴼ pattern angle resulting in optimum coverage even at very low boom heights. Lower boom height provides less opportunity for droplets to drift in turbulent air.

    • 95% drift reduction when compared to traditional flat fan nozzle.
    • Ultra Course and Extra Course droplet size across a wide range of pressures.
    • John Deere SnapLock technology for faster and easier removal and installation.
    • 130ᴼ spray pattern for optimum coverage at low boom heights.
    • Venturi initiated air induction, creating ultra course air filled droplets for maximum drift control.
    • ExactApply, PWM and Conventional spraying compatible.
    • Preassembled for convenience.
  • Low Drift Max (LDM) Nozzles

    John Deere Low Drift Max Sprayer Nozzle

    John Deere released the Low Drift Max nozzle as a result of engineering a nozzle for PWM applications. The nozzle was designed, tested and built to suit ExactApply and pulsing. Maintaining drift control regardless of pressure, flow or chemistry of the product being applied.

    Some adjuvants make air inducted nozzles less effective due to pattern collapse during pulsing application. Low Drift Max nozzles use a pre orifice to meter flow leaving the outlet to focus just on spray pattern. Without the need for a venturi effect, Low Drift Max nozzles can remain effective at lower pressures than most air inducted nozzles, making this nozzle more adaptable.

    With a 120ᴼ spray pattern the overlap is maintained at different boom heights. When coupled with spray pattern thickness of 60ᴼ the coverage is superior to comparable nozzles. Producing course through to extra course droplet size the Low Drift Max nozzle is truly a precision instrument for today’s sprayer technology.

    • Dual pre-orifice nozzle for reduced drift
    • Compatible with John Deere ExactApply, See & Spray, PWM and Conventional spraying.
    • 120ᴼ Spray angle for good pattern overlap and prevent pattern collapse at low flow.
    • 60ᴼ pattern thickness for superior coverage.
    • Preassembled for convenience.
    • John Deere SnapLock technology for faster and easier removal and installation.
  • Ultra Low Drift (ULD) Nozzles

    John Deere Ultra Low Drift Sprayer Nozzle

    Ultra Low Drift Nozzle is an Air Inducted nozzle which is ideal for pre and post emergence herbicide applications, where drift reduction is vital. Maintaining a small compact design with dual air inlets to minimise opportunity of accidental damage yet maintaining enough air flow to support venturi air induction.

    A 120ᴼ spray pattern results in overlap that is maintained at different boom heights. When coupled with spray pattern thickness of 60ᴼ the coverage is superior to comparable nozzles. Producing medium through to ultra course droplets the Ultra Low Drift nozzle is extremely adaptable.

    • Creates air filled droplets for reduced drift potential.
    • 120ᴼ Spray angle for good pattern overlap and prevent pattern collapse at low flow.
    • 60ᴼ pattern thickness for superior coverage.
    • Preassembled for convenience.
    • Best suited for conventional spraying applications.
    • Small compact design reduces risk of accidental damage.
  • Twin Nozzles

    John Deere Twin Spray Sprayer Nozzles

    John Deere offers 2 different twin nozzles. Low Drift Twin and GuardianAir Twin nozzles. Both offer twin nozzles set at a 30ᴼ angle. Angling the nozzle stream creates opportunity for chemicals to be delivered around and underneath leaves.

    Low Drift Twin nozzles offer the ability to use with ExactApply and PWM as well as conventional spraying. Utilising a pre orifice chamber to meter flow allowing the tip to focus on spray pattern, Low Drift Twin nozzles provide excellent coverage in post emergence applications of fungicides, insecticides and contact herbicides.

    GuardianAir Twin nozzles offer all the same benefits as Low Drift Twin nozzles with the addition of being air inducted. In utilising air induction technology, the nozzle is ideal for penetrating canopies in post emergence fungicide, insecticide and contact herbicide applications. GuardianAir Twin nozzles are not suitable for PWM applications.

    • 30ᴼ angle twin nozzles.
    • Ideally suited for post emergence applications in crops with complex canopies.
    • Adaptable for use in controlling weed grass with hard-to-reach leaf area.
    • Preassembled for convenience.
  • Flat Fan Nozzles

    John Deere Flat Fan Spray Sprayer Nozzles

    Guardian and Extended Range nozzles offer traditional flat fan spray options. Through decades of field trials and continued advancements in technology, these nozzles offer more than just the traditional flat fan sprayed from above.

    Guardian nozzles have been engineered with a 20ᴼ inclined spray pattern. Specially designed with suspension-based adjuvants used in insecticide and fungicide application. Faced with the incline forwards or backwards for general spraying or alternating to create a twin spray effect. Utilising pre orifice technology means these nozzles are equipped to spray with ExactApply, PWM systems as well as conventional spraying. Guardian nozzles offer fine to medium droplets in the smaller nozzles and course to very course in larger nozzle sizes.

  • Even Spray (ES) Nozzles

    John Deere Even Spray Sprayer Nozzle

    Even Spray 80ᴼ nozzles are recommended for use with See & Spray in Australian Conditions.

    • Targets weeds native to Australia

    John Deere See & Spray technology has the ability to direct single or multiple nozzles to spray as required. By directing a single nozzle to spray with a traditional 110ᴼ fan nozzle tip, native weeds such as fleabane (which resembles a thin straw) are only covered on one side of the weed. Due to ineffective coverage, full eradication is severely impacted, which encourages future chemical resistance.

    • Even coverage is key to killing these weeds

    John Deere Even Spray 80ᴼ nozzles are designed specifically for single tip applications and are recommended for use with See & Spray technology. The even spray pattern of each ES nozzle provides ultimate knockdown performance across the entire boom in tough Australian conditions.

    • How do ES nozzles differ from traditional nozzles?

    By using a traditional tapered flat fan nozzle, a tapered flat fan spray pattern is produced, impacting weed knockdown effectiveness in certain applications. ES nozzles provide a direct, single application rate and pattern directed over the target, concentrating the full application rate in a much more compact and targeted area and reduces overlap and improve chemical effectiveness.

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