Trailed Sprayer

  • 4400 L tank volume
  • 620 L rinse tank
  • 750 L PowrSpray spraying capacity


Speedy precision with the dual-circuit PowrSpray™ system

Fill faster and spray more accurately with the unique dual-circuit PowrSpray system with Active Pause. It allows you to fill your sprayer in just 7 minutes (measured without priming) and gives you 98 percent* rate control accuracy.

  • Save time with fast and efficient filling, spraying, and agitation
  • Easy to operate with the convenience of push-button control

The dual-circuit layout maximizes efficiency and ease of use. Each circuit is completely independent, featuring a dedicated centrifugal pump and is optimized for specific functions. Cross contamination between the two circuits is not possible, helping to reduce rinsing requirements and residual liquid disposal.

Intuitive control of sprayer operations with the Solution Command system

Experience push-button filling, agitation, spraying, or rinsing on the R700i Trailed Sprayer. You have all the control you need either from the cab with the joystick or with the Solution Command system from the operator’s station.

  • Easy to control
  • Speeds up the operation
  • Accuracy and automation in filling, agitation, spraying, and rinsing

Protect your most important assets with a wide range of spray systems matching crop protection requirements

To match different applications five different spray systems are available. All spray systems have one thing in common: pressure recirculation. The pressurized liquid flows up to the nozzles even when not spraying. This ensures that the right concentration and the correct pressure is quickly reached and prevents underdosing or weed triangles at spray start. Even when weather conditions suddenly change, the full circulation functionality enables the operator to rinse out spray lines without spraying.
Available spray systems:

  1. Pressure recirculation spray system at 50-cm (19.7-in.) nozzle spacing (section layout)
  2. Pressure recirculation spray system at 25-cm (9.8-in.) nozzle spacing (section layout)
  3. TwinSelect™ automatic nozzle control spray systems at 50-cm (19.7-in.) nozzle spacing (section layout)
  4. Individual nozzle control spray systems at 50-cm (19.7-in.) nozzle spacing (virtual section layout)
  5. Individual nozzle control spray systems at 25-cm (9.8-in.) nozzle spacing (virtual section layout)

Benefits of pressure recirculation functionality includes:

  • Limits the risk untreated or underdosed areas or weed triangles at spray start.
  • Limits overlap or skips with fast on-off nozzle switching.
  • Less sedimentation when spray is off; recirculation liquid passes though the spray lines and returns into the tank
  • Fully charged with spray on – spray lines are supplied with liquid from both ends, which limits underdosing at boom outer ends during spray start

Automatically adapt spray boom position to match the contours of your fields with TerrainCommand Pro™

TerrainCommand Pro automatically maintains a constant spray height above the crop per wing on uneven ground and in changing crop conditions, resulting in an effective deposition of spray liquid and less dissipated chemicals, better crop penetration, and reduced spray drift.

TerrainCommand Pro is offered with three sensors (one sensor per wing and one sensor next to the center frame) or five sensors (two sensors per wing and one sensor for the center frame). The five-sensor system is only available for 27-m (88.6-ft) booms or wider.

Ultrasonic sensors mounted at each end of the boom measure the height of the boom wings above the target. If the slope of the field changes and the spray boom is no longer at the desired distance to the ground or crop surface, TerrainCommand Pro controls the boom variable geometry, tilt, and height automatically.

Benefits of TerrainCommand Pro include:

  • More operator comfort due to boom positioning automation and headland automation modes
  • Increased spraying accuracy with optimum boom height above crop
  • Hybrid mode finds the balance between soil and crop to prevent dipping
  • Automatic boom control enables faster spraying
  • Ability to spray in low light conditions (night)
  • Possibility to use wider booms, resulting in fewer passes
  • Works in full or symmetric boom folded position

TerrainCommand Pro in combination with AutoTrac™ automatic guidance system and Section Control offers better machine utilization. It enables spraying at night when spraying conditions are often much better (less wind and drift).

TerrainCommand Pro uses a dedicated proportional hydraulic valve to control the variable geometry on each boom wing. Proportional hydraulics offer both faster and smoother operation, with response modulated to the amount of boom movement necessary. The proportional hydraulic valve is also equipped with a temperature sensor that measures oil temperature. This feature provides compensation for the flow difference of the oil in different temperatures, enabling accurate variable geometry adjustments.

Low-line design with ProRoad double-linked axle suspension for stability and uptime

The round-shaped polyethylene tank is fully cradled by the frame and gives the machine a low center of gravity. This comes together with standard double-linked ProRoad axle suspension, providing stability on the road or in the field.

With its low center of gravity and even weight distribution, the R900i Series is built for stability. The entire mainframe is designed especially for the job. The heart of the mainframe is the cross structure in the center section to redirect forces, providing the strength for a long lifetime. The frame design cradles the large polyethylene tank perfectly. The special tank shape offers deep sump while the steeply sloping bottom limits chemical residue. Due to the special tank design, additional tank baffles are not needed. It is easier to agitate liquid due to the smooth tank that has less risk of   spray solution sticking to the inside of the tank.

The heavy-duty axle is fully integrated and comes standard with ProRoad double-linked axle suspension.

The frame, tank, and single axle design offers better maneuverability. Regardless of the boom position, the level weight distribution helps to always keep the machine steady.

Benefits of tank, frame, and axle design include:

  • Frame, axle, and tank design with lower center point of gravity supports stability in the field and on the road
  • Round-shaped polyethylene tank with smooth surface for perfect agitation and easier rinsing inside and outside
  • Deep sump for better emptying, even on hillsides
  • No baffles or dead corners supports better solution mixing
  • Perfect readout with digital tank level indication and dual-stage dry liquid level indicator
  • Four maintenance-free polyurethane dampers absorb shocks, providing stability and uptime
  • ProRoad double-linked axle offers better maneuverability to prevent leaning in corners