Variable Chamber Baler

  • High capacity, high performance 2.2 m wide feeding system
  • High Capacity Rotor: 480 mm diameter converging auger
  • Adjustable bale diameter in a 1.21 m bale chamber width for maximum bale weight
  • Hands-free unplugging with wide hydraulic drop-floor


Versatile, productive, and durable premium pickup

  • Cam-track design offers the best versatility
  • Premium pickup pushes harvesting capacity a step forward.

High-Capacity (HC) Premium rotors grab the toughest swaths

The R-Series benefits from the proven HC rotor concept featuring an in-line design

By using the HC Premium rotor, the R-Series feeding system offers:

  • Limited distance from the pickup to the rotor tines to reduce plugging, especially in brittle straw or short silage
  • Reduced number of bearings and distributed loads along the rotor to increase reliability
  • Large 48-cm (18.9-in.) diameter converging augers facilitating crops transfer

The overall result is optimised crop flow that avoids all dead area where crops stay for a long time. This smooth and regular crop flow guarantees high feeding capacity, especially in short crops such as brittle straw or sticky silage.

Advanced displays and electronics allow the operator to drive the baler with the touch of a finger

All settings from the monitor

For any monitor, all R-Series Balers use ISOBUS architecture and can be fully set from the display. There is no need for the operator to leave the cab, even for density or greasing parameters (when equipped with optional automatic greasing system), as everything is managed on the display through drop-down menus.

Implement Display 1100 provides a simple but modern solution

As a universal solution, the Implement Display 1100 monitor offers all key functions for regular users. This ISOBUS monitor features an 11-cm (4.3-in.) diagonal color screen with backlit keys.

The display provides all functions and information listed previously. The Implement Display 1100 is not able to manage Tractor Baler Automation (TBA) mode. The Implement Display 1100 monitor is delivered with a cab harness that must be connected to a 12-V COBO® plug.

Improve visibility to baler options with updated video camera and screen options

You can more clearly and conveniently keep an eye on the baling process with an updated video camera on F441R, V4X1R, and C4X1R Balers equipped with Vision Pack.