Variable Chamber Baler

  • High capacity, high performance 2.2 m wide feeding system
  • High Capacity Rotor: 480 mm diameter converging auger
  • Adjustable bale diameter in a 1.21 m bale chamber width for maximum bale weight
  • Hands-free unplugging with wide hydraulic drop-floor


High-Capacity (HC) Premium rotors grab the toughest swaths

The M-Series benefits from the proven HC rotor concept featuring an in-line design

By using the HC Premium rotor – a device implemented on John Deere round balers since 2012 – the M-Series feeding system offers:

  • Limited distance from the pickup to the rotor tines to reduce plugging, especially in brittle straw or short silage
  • Reduced number of bearings and distributed loads along the rotor to increase reliability
  • Large 48-cm (18.9-in.) diameter converging augers to facilitate crop transfer.

The overall result is optimised crop flow that avoids all dead area where crops stay for a long time.

RotoFlow HC Premium is the perfect solution for non-cutting uses
MaxiCut™ HC 13 Premium offers high versatility, huge capacity, and perfect cutting quality regardless of crop type.

Bale chamber delivers heavy, dense, and perfectly shaped bales

  • Bales up to 1.85-m (6.1-ft) diameter maximum weight
  • High density provided regardless of bale diameter
  • Bale chamber design optimises machine versatility
  • Second belt-driving roll pushes silage baling capacity a step forward.

Monitor choice optimises functions to operator’s needs

BaleTrak Plus monitor fits regular use

For operators looking for a simple, efficient, and proven monitor, M-Series Balers can be delivered with the BaleTrak Plus monitor.

All functions are easily managed through one button and one function logic, allowing quick baler starting. Large liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen ensures comfortable control while the robust frame provides the required lifetime expected from John Deere electronics.