• Cummins® 4.5 L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine
  • Compatible with 400D, 600D Draper and 110A Auger platforms
  • AutoTrac™ Universal ready
  • Roomy, quiet cab provides great visibility

Designed to meet the demands and productivity needs of hay, forage, and small grain growers, the W150 is compatible with the 400D Draper Platforms as well as 100A Auger Platforms.



Cab suspension provides smooth ride for maximum productivity in rough fields

Four-point independent suspension delivers a smoother, more comfortable ride. The W150 has four coil-spring shock absorbers working in conjunction with fore-aft and side-to-side stabilizers to minimise cab roll. The shocks are placed at each corner of the cab so the entire cab can go up or down from the resting position. This suspension makes the W150 one of the most comfortable cabs in the industry.

Visibility and powerful exterior lighting make harvest easier during day and night

Excellent visibility to see the platform and crop during field operation.

Powerful exterior lighting makes nighttime operation almost as easy as in the daytime.


Optional reverser clears plugs effortlessly for higher productivity during tough harvest conditions

Platform reverser controls are available for the W155 Self-Propelled Windrower only:

  • Easily activated from operator’s station to clear platform of plugs
  • Reverser slowly reverses the knife drive and optional hay conditioner, if equipped, to clear plugs
  • Highly recommended when using optional hay conditioner with 400D Platforms
  • Operators can run machines closer to their maximum capacity and it will take less time to unplug.

Quick-attach platforms make transport and storage a breeze

Attaching and detaching platforms is easy, allowing fast and narrow draper transport and the ability to quickly change from hay to grain harvest. This also allows those with diverse operations to use the machine for more hours annually, spreading out their costs.

A single-point multicoupler on the right-hand side of the machine stores easily out of the way for hay use and is conveniently connected to the platform usng the multicoupler.

Increase productivity with AutoTrac™ guidance

AutoTrac guidance ensures the full width of the platform is engaging crop at all times, leading to increased productivity and more acres covered in less time.

The W150 Self-Propelled Windrowers are GreenStar™ ready. All cabs ship from the factory (in base equipment) with GreenStar harnessing installed and ready to accept the StarFire™ receiver, GreenStar Display, and an AutoTrac Universal (ATU) 200 steering kit, or integrated hydraulic AutoTrac kit.