ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mower

  • 18.4 kW (24.7 hp) liquid-cooled diesel engine
  • ComfortGlide™ Suspension on all seat options
  • Michelin® X® Tweel® Turf airless tyre option available
  • 7-Iron PRO Deck available in 137cm (54 in.), 152cm (60 in.), and 152 cm (60 in.) Mulch On Demand™



Powerful 24.7-hp (18.4-kW) diesel engine delivers superior performance and efficiency

The Z994R is powered by a 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine with 24.7 hp (18.4 kW) rated power at 3200 rpm. The unit meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Tier 4 emission standards.

It is a high-torque, low-emission diesel engine for strong performance in the toughest conditions, with low vibration and noise levels – kept isolated with rubber mounts for a smoother operator ride. The engine offers superior fuel economy and a high torque reserve for plenty of power and performance.

Four mower deck options give superior performance in every application

There are four mower-deck options available for the Z994R Diesel ZTrak™ Mower:

  • The 54-in. (137-cm) 7-Iron™ PRO Side-Discharge Mower Deck is suited to a variety of mowing jobs, including trimming and grooming.
  • The 60-in. (152-cm) 7-Iron PRO Side-Discharge Mower Deck is suited to a variety of mowing jobs, including trimming and grooming.
  • The 60-in. (152-cm) 7-Iron PRO Mulch On Demand™ Mower Deck can be converted from a wide-open, side-discharge mode to a fully chambered mulching mode with a single move of a lever.
  • The 72-in. (183-cm) 7-Iron PRO Side-Discharge Mower Deck is suited to a variety of mowing jobs, including trimming and grooming.


Exceptional operator comfort begins with a high-quality seat and suspension

Operator comfort was a primary focus in the design of the Z994R. It features a large, open operator station and foot platform with plenty of legroom and room for multiple foot positions, as well as a choice of seat and suspension options to suit the operator and operating conditions.

The instruments, controls, and storage areas that are easy to see and use and a three-position rollover protective structure (ROPS) and retractable seat belt for operator safety and convenience.

Two seating options are available:

  1. Fully adjustable seat with adjustable armrests and ComfortGlide fore/aft suspension
  2. Deluxe comfort seat with adjustable armrests, ComfortGlide fore/aft suspension, platform isolation, and rubber cushioning springs.

Instruments and controls are easy to find and use

The contoured dash has clean, attractive styling, and colour-coded controls are located on the right instrument panel for convenience.

Controls are grouped on the right console, providing one central location for key switch, engine speed control, power take-off (PTO) engagement, height-of-cut adjustment, hour meter, and engine diagnostics.

The comprehensive display tells when oil changes and other maintenance should be performed, monitors vehicle function, and helps diagnose common downtime issues.

Serviceability features give convenience and maximize uptime

Frequently accessed service areas such as the air cleaner, radiator screen, and oil check and fill points can be easily accessed from the open engine compartment. An easy-to-remove rear engine service panel allows access to all engine service points for scheduled service or other maintenance work.

The design of the Z994R makes service components like the engine oil dipstick, oil filter, and fuel filter/water separator easy to see and access, and a large radiator coolant reservoir and fuel filter/separator reduce service requirements and increase uptime.

The floor panel is easily removed, without tools, to give access to the top of the mower deck for cleaning and service.

All mower deck blade spindle grease fittings can be accessed from the top of the mower deck.


Heavy-duty chassis components provide strength and durability

Attractive styling incorporates a roomy and uncluttered operator platform with adjustable footrest, seat, and steering control positions for different operator preferences. Other well-thought-out features further contribute to good looks and operator comfort.

The frame is made of heavy-duty formed and welded steel for strength and reliability. Cast I-beam caster arm and spindle assemblies handle the beating and pounding professional mowers receive.

Caster wheels are offset for optimum steering and mowing performance. Benefits include better inside-corner trimming performance and less chance of between-blade striping.

A rear hitch can be added to the steel bumper for towing purposes. The Z994R can tow up to 400 lb (181.4 kg).

Durable pump and wheel motor hydrostatic drive delivers speeds up to 11.4 mph (18.3 km/h)

A right-angle gearbox is used to convert power from the horizontal shaft diesel engine to vertical shaft power to operate the vehicle transmission. Cooling for the gearbox is provided by fins on the gearbox housing and a fan.

The hydrostatic drive included with the Z994R features two 13-cc (0.8-cu in.) unitized hydraulic pumps combined with commercial-grade, heavy-duty, 13-cc (0.8-cu in.) wheel motors into a single unit. The drive units feature cross porting, where the hydraulic fluid from the side doing the least work is filtered and then fed into the input of the side doing the most work. This ensures that the coolest fluid is going into the side working the hardest in order to provide the best performance during extended hillside operation in the same direction.

Thoughtful designs and high-quality controls promote safe operation

The Z994 ZTrak™ Mower is equipped with a two-post folding ROPS and a retractable seat belt. The folding ROPS enhances operator safety and provides ample clearance when storing the mower in garages or sheds, and is ISO21299 certified

The ROPS system can be repositioned without the use of tools. Under normal operation, the ROPS should be in the up position. If operating in low clearance areas, the ROPS can be folded and secured out of the way. It can also be positioned halfway down to accommodate machines equipped with a material collection system.

A retractable seatbelt is provided for operator convenience and safety.


Michelin® X® Tweel® Turf airless radial tire technology option for a smoother ride and more uptime

John Deere provides the commercial mower industry with the Michelin X Tweel Turf technology for Commercial ZTrak Mowers, with a variety of sizes available to suit different mowers.

These tires offer several advantages including reduced rutting, excellent curb climbing, and a more consistent cut quality. Uptime is also improved as the exclusive technology eliminates downtime and associated cost due to flat or damaged tires.

Michelin is a world leader in tire manufacturing and technology. This airless radial tire solution is an industry first for John Deere, which provides an additional advantage to John Deere customers.