• Offered in 8-, 12-, or 16-row configuration
  • Row spacing options include 914 mm (36 in.), 965 mm (38 in.), and 1,016 mm (40 in.) for 8- and 12-row frames, and 762 mm (30 in.) spacing for 12- and 16-row frames.
  • Available in 1.6 bu. or 3 bu. MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit
  • Insecticide option for 1.6 bu.


RowCommand™ individual-row control system

RowCommand controls seed output

Controlling input costs and improving productivity are key producer requirements today. RowCommand is an effective, integrated John Deere solution designed to meet these intensifying needs. The RowCommand system manages seed output, reduces yield drag, and improves harvest capabilities on all Pro-Shaft™ driven row-units, and chain-driven MaxEmerge 5.

Improved pneumatic downforce system

Pneumatic downforce provides convenient, simple adjustment of downforce for the whole planter from one location. The amount of downforce applied is infinitely adjustable from 0 kg to 181.80 kg (0 lb to 400 lb). Pneumatic downforce provides more consistent downforce throughout the range of row-unit travel than mechanical spring downforce systems.

MaxEmerge™ 5

The MaxEmerge family of row-units have never seen a more versatile and efficient design until the MaxEmerge 5. The 5-family row-units improve productivity, increase uptime and lower the cost of ownership like never before. Producers now have that all-in-one meter and row-unit straight out of the factory with one order, increasing their bottom line.

The field-proven designs of both the MaxEmerge XP and Pro-Series XP™ were combined into one interchangeable metre design. Advanced manufacturing technology and world-class testing techniques were used to design a planter row-unit that has increased strength and longer-wearing parts, plus is easier to service, decreasing downtime during the grower’s most crucial season.

1725 Planter - integral stack-folding

Convenient, stack-folding design combined with rigid or flexible frame

The 1725 Stack-Folding design provides narrow transport capability for these integral, large-frame planters without the need to empty hoppers. 1725 Stack-Folding Planters have both rigid-frame and flex-frame configurations.

The 1725 Stack-Fold Integral Planter is available in the following models:

  • 8Row36, 8Row38, 8Row40
  • 12Row30, 12Row36, 12Row38, 12Row40
  • 16Row30.

SeedStar™2 monitoring system

Integrated innovation–that is what operators will appreciate with the SeedStar 2 monitoring system and GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) Display. An increasing number of acres combined with rising seed costs drive the need to easily understand planter functions and monitor performance. It is all about making every seed count and that is what SeedStar 2 delivers.

Seed variable-rate drive

Seed variable-rate drive provides the ultimate planting productivity by utilizing one, two, or three hydraulic motors (varies by model) to turn the seeding drive shaft.  Hydraulic control of the seeding drive allows for on-the-go seeding rate changes right from the display mounted inside the tractor cab. Combine this seeding flexibility with the map-based planting option, and seeding rates adjust automatically based on the prescribed map.