Separate Fertiliser Placement (SFP) Air Drill

  • New 60-foot model delivers 40% greater coverage
  • Optional air seeder row markers
  • Blockage warning systems can save skips in field
  • Open center hydraulic check valve


Air Power™ 2 fan system and compatibility

Enhanced air seeding performance would not be possible without the updates to the 15,152.8-L (430-bu) and 19,381.5-L (550-bu) 1910 and C850 Air Carts. For the wider seeding width, more fan capacity has been added.

Air Power 2 provides two independently controlled fans – one for seed and one for fertiliser. Along with large, 76.2-mm (3-in.) primaries, more accurate delivery rates are possible across the full width of the seeding tool, from opener to opener.

RelativeFlow™ Blockage sensing

With the RelativeFlow blockage system, operators can see the flow rate of both seed and fertiliser from inside the tractor cab. Sensors on delivery hoses monitor the relative rate of product flow. An easy-to-read display clearly visualises relative product flow across the drill, from opener to opener. This exclusive technology gives a better view of what is happening across the tool in order to spot problems before blockage occurs.

TruSet™ system downforce control

TruSet downforce control enables operators to conveniently set values for the seed and fertilizer ranks independently from the cab. This feature enables them to meet optimal downforce pressure while in varying soil conditions. TruSet downforce control improves seed placement accuracy in varying field conditions, leading to improved emergence and plant maturity.

High-floatation tires improve machine performance

The 18.3-m (60-ft) 1895 Disk Drill offers larger mainframe and wing tires with higher floatation, resulting in less overall surface compaction while minimising emergence issues. All tires on the 18.3-m (60-ft) machine are 207 kPA (30 psi). The mainframe and wing tires are equipped with casters and walking beams to allow for better ground following.

Wider working width increases productivity

This 1895 Disk Drill is 18.3-m (60-ft) wide, which means 40 percent more working width over the current 13.1-m (43-ft) model. This gain in working width can save up to nine passes per quarter section during the same amount of time spent in the tractor cab.

An increase in productivity positively contributes to agronomics. Improving a grower’s productivity will increase the likelihood of hitting the seeding window while minimising the chance for yield declines.

Heavy-duty frame provides long life and enhanced capability

The heavy-duty frame is built for years of use seeding over large acreages and rolling fields. The weight of the five-section frame enhances the capability to pull more behind the toolbar. It is compatible with the C850 Air Cart plus 7571-L (2000-gal.) twin anhydrous tanks. The durability of the frame has been improved to handle this fully loaded machine weighing 28,848 kg (63,600 lb). It includes a rear hitch for the C850 plus inner and outer wing weight brackets that can hold five suitcase weights on each inner wing plus two suitcase weights on each outer wing.

Green-on-green integration - tractor, cart, and display compatibility

The 18.3-m (60-ft) 1895 Disk Drill has five sections with 254-mm (10-in.) spacing and is Air Power™ 2 compatible. This larger tool will require a 15,152.8-L (430-bu) tow-between cart, a 15,152.8-L or 19,381.5-L (430-bu or 550 bu) tow-behind cart, or the C850 Air Cart with Air Power 2 dual fan system.

Separate fertiliser placement (SFP) offers growing advantages

Separate fertiliser placement offers nutrient placement at a 5 or 7-degree angle

Key features of the SFP opener are:

  • 457.2-mm (18-in.) opener blades operate at 5 degrees, resulting in a narrow trench with less soil disturbance
  • Fertiliser tubes are interchangeable among dry, liquid, or anhydrous (NH3)
  • Closing wheel assembly is closer to the fertiliser delivery tube; provides increased fertiliser retention
  • Serrated closing wheels are base equipment on anhydrous openers and optional on liquid and dry openers
  • Extended-wear (chrome alloy) fertiliser boots are standard equipment
  • Choice of five different gauge wheels
  • Depth adjustments in 6-mm (1/4-in.) increments from 13 mm to 89 mm (1/2 in. to 3.5 in.) deep.

ProSeries™ Openers provide excellent penetration

The ProSeries Openers are gang mounted and are hydraulically raised and lowered. The hydraulic downforce system also offers a wide range of downforce settings for the openers.

The Proseries Openers:

  • Work not only in no-till conditions, but also in minimum or reduced-till conditions
  • Provide 51 mm (2 in.) of free travel in the opener before spring down pressure takes over
    • Benefit: allows the opener to move over uneven ground conditions and minimize the chance of the gauge wheels bulldozing soil in soft or mellow conditions
    • The opener spring travels a maximum of 200-mm (8-in.) up or 150-mm (6-in.) down before the hydraulics react to uneven seedbeds.