• Accurate seed metering capability
  • Wide variety of working widths and row spacings
  • Ground drive system with dual-range sprocket
  • Durable mainframe and wings


Accurate seed metering capability

Metering of the seed is done at the tanks. While metering in volume, the co-efficient of variation from opener to opener is just 2 percent at the feed wheel. The population rates are controlled by meter speed as opposed to varying the amount of meter flute exposure as on a box drill.

By using this method, population rates can be better controlled, resulting in lower amounts of population variance from meter to meter.  That is better than any other volumetric metering system on the market today.

The 1990 Central Commodity System (CCS™) also features metering gates at each individual metering wheel. This allows the operator to set the seed gate based on the seed size and population rate, to allow for even greater control of the population rates.  The meter gate can also be used to shut off seed flow to an individual seed meter if desired.

Air system gently delivers seed to openers

1990 Central Commodity System (CCS™) air system features:

  • Uses an air-delivery system to gently deliver the seed from the seed meters to the individual openers
  • This air-delivery system provides accurate seed metering and increased productivity
  • Also offers wide working widths in a compact transport package.
Airflow is generated by a 44.7-cm (17.6-in.) diameter, hydraulically powered fan.

Seed blockage warning systems for Central Commodity System (CCS™)

It is important to have the ability to monitor seed flow out of each individual opener. The SeedStar™ 2 blockage system allows the operator to monitor product flow to each individual opener.

SeedStar 2 blockage
The SeedStar 2 display gives the operator an in-cab warning as to the exact row that has been blocked. The SeedStar 2 display also has the ability to monitor seed population rates at the meters, reducing the number of in-cab consoles that are required by the producer.

ProSeries™ Openers provide excellent penetration

ProSeries Openers are in base equipment on all 1890 and 1895 Separate Fertiliser Placement (SFP), 1990 Central Commodity System (CCS™), and 1590 Air Drills.

On the 1890 models, the single-disk openers are on 190-mm (7.5-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing. On 15.25-m (50-ft) and 18.3-m (60-ft) 1890s, the 190-mm/380-mm (7.5-in./15-in.) or 254-mm/508-mm (10-in./20-in.) dual-row spacing feature is in base equipment. The single-disk openers provide consistent and accurate seed placement.

The ProSeries Openers are gang mounted and are hydraulically raised and lowered. The hydraulic downforce system also offers a wide range of downforce settings for the openers.