2023 See & Spray Select

Be equipped to ‘light up the night’ with the addition of LED lighting to John Deere’s See & Spray™ Select technology on MY23 400 and 600 Series Sprayers, allowing fully targeted spot spraying functionality in tight operating window



Spray, save, and protect yield

When margins are tight and application windows are narrow, every dollar and every droplet need to work as hard as they can. John Deere See & Spray products bring resource-saving precision to the field:

  • See & Spray Select: Covers fallow fields using advanced camera and nozzle-control technology to spray only emerged weeds. It can also apply traditional broadcast application

Technology Evolution

John Deere has focused on taking farmers’ application from field level to plant level over the years. From field to broadcast, section control to ExactApply™ individual nozzle control, and now the next step – to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both See & Spray offerings work in conjunction with ExactApply nozzle control. They use a combination of cameras and processors to detect weeds before activating only the nozzles necessary to apply a burst of herbicide to the weed, achieving a hit rate comparable to traditional broadcast spray.

Data Insights

How do you know See & Spray is doing its job? With the monitoring capabilities of John Deere Operations Center™ application and the Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, you can track job quality and savings during and after application. These technology tools also offer weed pressure mapping, providing insights to make even better field management decisions. Weed pressure mapping only occurs when See & Spray Ultimate is active during an operation.


Using less herbicide means using less water and creating less opportunity for drift, and that’s good for the land, water, and air that sustain us.
Additionally, See & Spray provides even more benefits for growers looking to make the best possible decisions about weed control.

See & Spray Select benefits
  • Reduce solution use – By avoiding inefficient traditional broadcast applications and spraying only when weeds are detected, you can reduce the applied volume of herbicide by 77 percent.**
  • Gain cost efficiency – Significantly reduce herbicide costs, make fewer tendering stops, and cover more acres in a day.
  • Improve weed control – You may save enough to justify applying a different chemistry while improving your ability to manage herbicide-resistant weeds. Research has shown that weeds sprayed with complex tank mixes and more than two modes of action are 83 times less likely to develop herbicide resistance.

**NOTE: In tests over 75,000 acres of fallow ground, typical weed pressure of 3,000 weeds per acre, and with spray length settings of small medium, customers experienced an average herbicide savings of 77 percent compared to a traditional broadcast sprayer.