Accuracy like no other with Premium Circle

Premium Circle is an industry-leading option available on RDO Equipment’s John Deere G-Series, GP-Series and SmartGradeTM motor graders, which leads to less downtime and more consistent grade control accuracy and machine productivity.

The Premium Circle option replaces wear inserts with a sealed bearing that only requires a few minutes to grease every 500 hours. By eliminating the circle wear inserts and need for adjustments or replacement, operators can benefit from reduced parts and labour costs, while still maintaining an accurate grade.

Premium Circle features a fully sealed bearing and pinion design, which reduces maintenance costs and downtime, while also boosting circle torque by 40% and circle speed by 15%, compared to the standard John Deere circle.

With traditional circle designs, customers spend valuable hours replacing or shimming the wear inserts, as opposed to being on the job. Over the lifetime of the machine, this downtime adds up, but is necessary to maintain tightness for accuracy and prevent damage to the circle.

Premium Circle is ideal for work on final stages of projects like large housing estates, road works or big industrial areas, where the grader is just completing one pass rather than multiple passes. The accuracy of the Premium Circle delivers a big advantage when completing the final cut.

Premium support from RDO Equipment

RDO’s service technicians are expertly trained to support customers on the latest machine advancements across the John Deere range, thanks to John Deere’s capstone training and certification.

We’ve been side by side with customers on projects where we’ve guided them through optimising their machines to meet their deadlines and deliver quality work and cuts.

Our service techs can assist you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your grader and the Premium Circle feature so each cut is accurate and exact – leading to less downtime for operators.