Air Cart

  • 850 bu. capacity
  • 69 ha (170 ac.)
  • Under 10 minutes fill time
  • Calibrate rate in half the time


Camera ready

Monitoring the product levels in tanks has never been easier with the camera-ready feature of the 1910 and C-Series Air Carts. The carts come pre-wired to accept a camera in each tank and on the rear of the machine. Cameras allow the operator to conveniently monitor product levels in each tank, which is especially reassuring when product levels are low. Cameras also provide the operator with visibility behind the cart when traveling down the road.

Cart side display functions

The durable display on the side of the cart will make filling and calibration easier than before.

  • Tank: shows product weight and tank fill level
  • Meter calibration: preform a bag calibration without going back and forth to the cab to make inputs on the Gen 4 CommandCenter™ display
  • Info: shows display and software information
  • Tank pressure: shows the differential pressure between the tank and the meter for each individual tank
  • Monitor settings: allows the customer to adjust the brightness of the display

Tank weights and bin level will be shown on the first screen when the display is powered on. Navigating from one tank weight to another will be done by pressing the left and right arrow buttons.

Tank capacity and design

The total capacity of the C850 is 29,953 L (850 bu), measured by conveying product into the tank. The front tank is dedicated for low rate applications and holds 1762 L (50 bu). The remaining three tanks in order of front to rear are 9162 L (260 bu), 4581 L (130 bu), and 14,448 L (410 bu).

Each tank has a wide single opening, which means it is easy for access for the conveyor and entry to the tank. Tanks come equipped with digital pressure sensor, ultrasonic bin level sensing, and camera-ready harnesses mounted from the factory.

Ultrasonic bin level sensing

The John Deere ultrasonic bin level sensing system will increase the accuracy of bin level read outs in the cab and on the cart side display compared to the paddle design. The accuracy of this system is within 10 percent of actual product in the tank. When metering two products into one airstream, ultrasonic can improve the accuracy of detection up to 50 percent more than traditional paddle sensors.

Wireless-controlled hydraulic conveyance system with low-profile hopper

This conveyor moves up to 3524 L (100 bu) of product in a minute with a 40.6-cm (16-in.) belt inside the 30.5-cm (12-in.) tube. By moving the hopper under meter, the conveyor can be used for clean out on each tank as well.

Filling at night is easy with the light-emitting diode (LED) 900-lumen lights on the cart and conveyor conveniently placed to illuminate each meter, the stairway and platform.

Easy-to-operate tank lids

The C850 has five tank lids to make filling convenient and quick.  The design is a single per tank design, providing for faster fill times.

The front 1762-L (50-bu) tank has two options to make loading low rate products easier. If the grower is filling the tank with bags, the front lid is accessible from the lower platform of the cart. The two front railings of the cart can be removed to allow for a truck to bring bags directly to the platform. As pictured above, the bottom fill location of the front tank has a bag splitter.

Take command of every acre and every input with SectionCommand™ system

SectionCommand is an effective, integrated, exclusive John Deere solution that reduces costly overlaps and skips that can waste seed and fertiliser, while offering more consistent fields that improve the potential of your yield and your bottom line.

Owner benefits include:

  • Improved consistency of crop maturity at harvest
  • Improved consistency during emergence and growing season
  • Reduced seed input cost
  • Reduced fertiliser input cost
  • Increased time between fills due to input savings.

Meter seed accurately with confidence

A meter cartridge at each tank effectively meters seed or fertiliser into the primary manifold. Air carries the material to the secondary distributor for delivery to the openers on the seeding tool.

On the C-Series Air Carts, an electric actuator controls product flow from the tank to the meter housing:

  • Allows complete shut off of product flow with little effort
  • Allows the meter cartridge to be removed with material still in the tank(s)
  • Allows tanks to be emptied with meter and primary manifold in place