E210-II Excavator: Getting the big jobs done

Richard Martin from RL Martin says he learnt from the best when it came to earthmoving, with his father, Ted, teaching him on the job skills that he still relies on today. Ted also taught Richard that you need to be surrounded by the best machines and the best teams to be successful, which is why he chose RDO Equipment for his own earthmoving business in the Snowy Mountains region in NSW.

“I wanted to carry on the family tradition. I’ve worked in a few other industries, but I always knew I’d come back to earthmoving,” Richard says.

Richard started RL Martin in 2002 and has seen steady growth over the past 20 years. His main work of late has been in moving materials like dead trees and waste from the recent bushfires that hit the Snowy Mountains in 2020.

“We were moving a lot of waste around, and realised I needed a bigger machine to get through it all. I’d always hired diggers or borrowed from mates, but the time had come to buy my own, and that’s when RDO Equipment and John Deere came in.”

Richard added an E210 excavator to his fleet to help with the extra workload of moving heavy materials and working on general earthmoving work on farms in the local area.

The auto pressure-boost in the E210 provides more hydraulic power when needed, making it powerful and durable in working environments.

“I knew John Deere did quality forestry equipment, plus I’ve worked with their graders before and had no problems. I’d also heard great things of RDO Equipment in Australia, and the fact there is a dealership nearby (in Lavington) was also a big seller for me.

“Good back up is so important for a business like mine, and RDO has been there for us from the start. They’ve been responsive and the service guys are always a call away if I need something, which I’ve kept in mind as I think about adding more John Deere’s to my fleet.

“We also do a fair bit of work on farm, with clearing land for dams and irrigation, and the machine has been great for that type of work,” Richard says. “It’s easy to manoeuvre, and the power is incredible, it can just get in and get the job done.”

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