Get your machines ready for the new year

As the holiday season begins, the last thing on your mind may be servicing your equipment, but now is actually the best time of the year to arrange your servicing and check for updates, so that your machines are ready to get back to work in the new year.

Nathan Psaila, RDO Equipment’s General Manager of Sales, says there are a few simple things that can be done to check your machine is in the best shape when you return to work.

“Sampling your machine’s fluids, plus making sure your hydraulics are up to scratch are the most common things we all look for with a simple service, but most operators don’t think about software upgrades and taking the time to look at the data gathered,” Nathan says.

“John Deere construction and forestry equipment is built with state-of-the-art technology features that help you maximise your uptime, monitor your fleet performance and improve your productivity.

“JDLink on our construction equipment gathers data that is incredibly useful in helping operators understand distance travelled, engine hours and maintenance tracking, as well as fuel consumption and engine load levels. TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager on our forestry equipment also helps users share real-time production and location information on their logging sites and gives operators a real-time view to the progress of the work site.”

Nathan says using the downtime over the holiday break to get deep into your machines data, and ensuring their software is up to date, will set operators up for a productive year ahead.

“Sometimes there is so much data at our fingertips, it’s hard to know what is useful, and how to use it best. We encourage our customers to take the time to look at what data their machines have gathered. If they’re struggling to make something of it, our service technicians are available to run them through it so they can make better business decisions, or give insights into trends they’re seeing in the industry and ideas that can help adapt their business.”


Contact your local RDO team for your end of year check-up.