Kuhn MDS 18.2 Utility Tractor Mounted Fertiliser Spreader

  • Compatible with selected John Deere utility tractors*
  • Multi-Disc-System (MDS) spreading discs ensures high precision
  • Single hopper device with a perfect gravity centre
  • Wide choice of extensions to adapt to different types of tractors

*Horsepower requirement may vary with different crops, conditions and options used. Please consult our team for proper tractor sizing.

Fertilising specialised crops (vines, orchards, hops, vegetables) and grain crops requires mastery and extreme precision. The new range of MDS .2 mounted fertiliser spreaders provides you with a simple solution that is adapted to all of your operations. You have a multitude of possibilities in terms of size, capacity, outlet opening and closing and even regulation.

All MDS .2 models integrate the single-cone hopper that enables complete hopper emptying when spreading on slopes. Fertilising specialised crops (vines, orchards, hops, market gardens) and grain crops demands mastery and extreme precision.

The KUHN range of MDS fertiliser spreaders offers a simple and adapted solution to all of your operations. The single-cone hopper allows complete emptying, even when spraying on slopes.



Compact, autonomous and robust

Precision spreading in two rows

A spreading limiter on 2 rows directs the fertiliser to the base of the plantation for row crops, with 1.50 to 5m spacing. This optional, removable part is quick and easy to adjust, no tools required. It is made of stainless steel to guarantee a long service life. The spreading limiter supplies the ideal and optimised mineral input to your plantations and crops by delivering the fertiliser next to the roots.

Higher capacity for more autonomy

MDS 18.2 and 20.2 mounted fertiliser spreaders have a wide choice of extensions to adapt to different types of tractor. The 2,000l maximum hopper capacity of the new MDS 20.2 mounted fertiliser spreader can hold 3 big bags of ammonium nitrate 33.5% for example, making it the ideal machine for farms looking for simplicity and efficiency.

This higher capacity hopper can adapt to lighter fertilisers and big-bag-packaged products. Downtime necessary for reloading is therefore reduced.

Robust and durable

A reinforced oil-bath gearbox drives the spreading discs. The first gearbox oil change is only necessary after 10 years. The solid heart of the machine boasts unrivalled longevity and the capacity to withstand difficult working conditions. The bottom of the tank, the agitator shaft and the outlets are made of stainless steel for extreme durability.

Operating ease and precision

MDS spreading discs: (Multi-Disc-System), so much precision!

MDS (Multi-Disc-System) spreading discs are designed for standard or late spreading in high crops. They are simple to use and guarantee high precision with granular and organic (pellets) fertilisers, cover crop seeds and anti-slug pellets. According to the type of fertiliser and the working width, the length and orientation of the vanes can be adjusted. They are quick to adjust using the spreading chart. The discs are quick to remove, no tools required, for easy emptying. M1 discs come as standard for working widths between 10 and 18m. M2 discs enable working widths of 18 to 24 m depending on the product being spread, without impairing spreading quality, and improving yield on field borders.

D.F.C scale: Perfect settings!

Two D.F.C. scales are ideally positioned at the front of the hopper for perfect visibility of settings from the tractor cab. There is no need to squeeze in between the wheel and the machine to access the scale, just stretch out your arm to access settings from the side! To change application rates from one plot to another, there is nothing simpler, just position the opening stop on the D.F.C. (Direct Flow Control) scale. The D.F.C. scale is proportional to fertiliser flow, therefore, flow rate is quick and easy to modify with no extra equipment required. By increasing the opening by 10 % you increase the application rate by 10%. Settings are precise, reliable and fast, from 3 kg/ha for fertilisers, seeds and slug-pellets. Take advantage of the standard half-width shut-off too, to increase spreading precision.

Smooth flowing fertiliser for seamless precision

MDS .2 fertiliser spreaders have a slowly rotating agitator: only 180 rpm! This creates a regular fertiliser flow without damaging the granules and without clogging the outlets. The agitator guarantees optimum spreading precision whatever size or density the product to spread is.

Customised outlet control

More precision with electronic outlet control (DPAE)

DPAE (Flow proportional to ground speed) regulation is available on MDS .2 Q version models, with opening and closing by two electric cylinders, one on each side. The QUANTRON A control box is particularly user-friendly. It allows you to open and close the outlets with just one START/STOP button without needing a hydraulic valve. MDS .2 Q version fertiliser spreaders are compatible with GPS terminals to give you the benefit of automatic outlet control at headlands and in field points. In order to optimise your inputs, the QUANTRON A control box is compatible with application rate modulation by GPS.

Direct outlet control with the E-Click control box

With MDS .2 C version models, control outlet opening and closing directly with two electric cylinders, one each side. Take advantage of the E-Click control box in the tractor cab with its two switches rather than using your hydraulic valves!

Manual or hydraulic control?

You can opt for a K version machine which signifies that it has hydraulic opening by two single-acting cylinders. Each cylinder has a valve that can isolate the circuit in the event of an internal leak and this prevents the outlets from opening on their own. The D version takes safety even further with its two double-acting cylinders that prevent the outlets from opening if there is an internal leak.