Central Commodity System (CCS™)

  • Electric drive with Section Control
  • Wide variety of working widths and row spacings
  • Easier access to meters


Versatile machine configurations

The N500C is designed for no-till seeding. The N500C with SeedMetering2 offers accurate volumetric metering in a compact tank-mounted-on-frame design, with the convenience of the Central Commodity System (CCS™) bulk-fill capabilities.

The N500C is available in single- or dual-rank designs, with 9.15-m, 11-m, 12.2-m, and 12.8-m (30-ft, 36-ft, 40-ft, and 42-ft) working widths. The single-rank N500C is available in 38.1-cm (15-in.) row spacing, making for a highly productive soybean seeding machine, while the dual-rank models are available in 19-cm or 25.4-cm (7.5-in. or 10-in.) row spacings.

Improved meter access with updated frame design

The tank on the N500C has been moved up and back to allow for better access to the meters. The blower fan has been relocated to the front of the tank to allow non-obstructed access to all four meters.

The updated tank design is also larger. The 9.15-m (30-ft) to 11-m (36-ft) models offer a 3523.9 -L (100-bu) tank. The 12.2-m (40-ft) and 12.8-m (42-ft) models offer a 4228.7-L (120-bu) tank.

High floatation tyres

The N500C offers 33×15.5R16.5 tyres standard on all machines, resulting in better floatation and less compaction and allowing operators to get into the field sooner and stay in the field longer. The mainframe is also equipped with walking beams to allow for better ground following.

Electric drives enabling SectionCommand™ system

For the first time, meter sections are controlled with electric motors. Each meter section has its own electric drive motor. This eliminates the need for a variable-rate drive hydraulic motor or a ground drive wheel. This also enables the SectionCommand system and variable/prescription seeding.

Prescription/variable-rate seeding allows growers to apply the right amount of seed depending on predetermined management zones. Four-section SectionCommand has shown a potential seed savings of 4 to 6 percent depending on field size and shape.

John Deere ActiveCal™ system

The more frequently calibration is completed, the more accurate a seeder will be. A number of variables, including product weight and changing climate conditions throughout the day, will have an effect on any volumetric metering system; with the John Deere ActiveCal system, calibration can be done from the cab of the tractor, while seeding, to minimise the variation in product metering.

Confidence in rates from row to row with RelativeFlow™ Blockage sensing

With the RelativeFlow blockage sensing, operators can see the flow rate of both seed and fertiliser from inside the tractor cab. Sensors on all primary towers and secondary hoses monitor the relative product flow, giving you a better view of the flow rate of both seed and fertiliser from the cart to the opener from inside your tractor cab. This exclusive technology can help you identify any problems before potential blockage occurs.

TruSet™ downforce system

TruSet downforce allows operators to set downforce pressures from inside the cab. Downforce can easily be changed by the push of a button as soil conditions very. Proper downforce is directly related to a consistent seeding depth, which leads to improved even emergence, plant density, and maturity.