Our new E-Series Hydraulic Excavators are John Deere through and through

Ever wondered where our John Deere machines are manufactured?

John Deere is a global company with customers all around the world, so it probably won’t surprise you to know the company also has factories all over the world. There are agriculture, construction and forestry equipment factories in the USA, India, China, Europe and Mexico, to name just a few.

What makes a John Deere a John Deere is the rigorous approach to quality that is applied at every factory in every country. If it’s a John Deere, it’s made to the same high standards, no matter which factory it comes out of or what John Deere machine it is.

Where are the new E-Series Hydraulic Excavators manufactured?

Our newly-available range of John Deere E-Series Hydraulic Excavators are mainly manufactured out of one of John Deere’s construction and forestry factories in China, in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA).

Why are they manufactured in China?

Tianjin Works - Quality Check (4)China is the world’s largest and fastest growing market for construction equipment, and many other manufacturers have facilities in the country, so it’s the perfect fit for these new models to be produced here.

This factory is one of John Deere’s newest, built in 2013, with a first-class production line and rigorous testing. The factory is also part of an enterprise campus, where there is a John Deere Power Systems factory and an agriculture and turf tractor facility as well.




How do John Deere ensure the machines are quality tested?

Across the globe, John Deere machinery operates in extremes of temperature, dust, vibration and moisture; challenging the design teams to develop high-performing displays, electronic control units, power distribution and telematics solutions.

John Deere World factory map - John Deere Excavators - RDO EquipmentEquipment is subjected to several thermal cycles, raising and lowering operating temperatures. This is why John Deere machines will often have two to three hours on the clock at time of delivery – so customers can be assured the equipment has been thoroughly tested.

What other products does John Deere manufacture overseas?

A lot of our John Deere parts are manufactured overseas, too. The company has set up its manufacturing processes to ensure secure supply and consistent quality, so different components come from different places. Depending on the model, some parts are manufactured right here in Australia, but products can come from around the world, including USA and Japan.

How can I be sure the machines are suited to Australian conditions?

Across our 13 RDO Equipment branches our customers have access to equipment that is suited to Australia’s harsh conditions, as well as backed by the insights and advice of the RDO Equipment team. RDO Equipment branches, technicians and sales staff are fully trained to John Deere’s exacting standards to ensure they can help customers choose the right machine for their needs and can offer service and support that is second to none.

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