Golf & Turf

As a leading supplier of John Deere golf and turf equipment, RDO Equipment supports major golf clubs across Australia

With many people working from home during Covid lockdowns and a tight 5km travel radius in many areas, demand for tee times at local golf courses surged dramatically over the past two years, and the industry is continuing to experience the upside of this hike in popularity.

With clubs still dealing with the massive upswing of demand, they need reliable partners to help them keep their courses running smoothly and their members and players happy.

RDO Equipment is a leading supplier of John Deere golf and turf equipment, with the team supporting major golf clubs across Australia. Josh Morris, RDO Equipment’s Business Development Specialist across golf and turf says one of the things that sets RDO apart from other equipment dealers is their wide-reaching dealer network.

“The unexpected demand for golf over the past few years has seen RDO Equipment well positioned to support our golf customers with equipment, service, parts and support to ensure the clubs continue to run smoothly and can take on new players,” Josh says.

“With 29 branches across both metro and regional locations, we have the capability to provide more equipment, more parts and more service support in more regions, something many other equipment dealers in this space can’t offer.

“Our branches are also embedded in their local communities, with some of our team having lived in the region and built those strong relationships, working with their local golf courses for over 20 years, which really sets us apart.

“We have the backing of a global brand, with quality equipment, and with a local footprint, meaning we have boots (or golf shoes) on the ground where our customers need us.”

Josh says that unlike competitors, they haven’t been impacted by supply issues across their golf and turf range, meaning they are well prepared to support clubs with their growing golf equipment needs.

“We’re seeing strong interest not only in-branch, but online for our entire golf and turf range, as clubs look to invest in more mowers, sprayers and equipment to maintain their courses to meet demand from increasing numbers of members and players.”

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