• Combine Advisor™ package helps to set, optimise and automate main combine functions when conditions change
  • Fully automated yield sensor calibration with ActiveYield™ supplies accurate data with no time spent calibrating


ActiveYield™ system: Automatic yield calibration for corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, and barley

ActiveYield delivers automatic yield calibrations to the operator without spending time manually performing yield calibrations.

  • Simplified yield calibrations for improved uptime in the field
  • Simplified data collection for use during and after harvest.

Combine Advisor™

Combine Advisor is a suite of technologies designed to maximise harvesting profits. The features help the operator set and optimise the S700 Combine and then automates the combine to maintain performance target as conditions change. Purchasing Combine Advisor grants access to the Combine Advisor application, which houses three automation technologies: HarvestSmart™ system for automation of feed rate, Active Terrain Adjustment™ system for terrain change management, and Auto Maintain with ActiveVision™ cameras for crop condition change management.

Take advantage of the Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display, designed for efficiency

The Generation 4 CommandCenter was designed to provide a consistent user experience by providing full-screen viewing of more run page modules, shortcut keys, and precision agriculture capabilities.

Expect easier set-up, along with increased operator confidence, thanks to a simple, customizable interface. The improved design of the Generation 4 CommandCenter also aids in an optimal operating experience and maximises uptime.

Automate grain cart control while unloading on-the-go with Gen 4 Machine Sync

Using Machine Sync, you can focus more on grain harvest and grain quality and worry less about keeping the grain cart under the spout when unloading on the go. Gen 4 Machine Sync provides a solution to harvest stress by creating a wireless network between the tractor and combine to enable on-the-go unloading through synchronisation of tractor speed and direction of travel with the combine.

Gen 4 Machine Sync simplifies harvest for even the most experienced operators. It allows focus on harvest while reducing the tasks created by on-the-go unloading. This results in operators who are more relaxed, productive, and alert during harvest.

High-performance Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning system

The Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning shoe is the heart of the S700 Combine cleaning system. The system is made up of a unique design consisting of aluminum and high-strength steel that reduces overall weight while maintaining overall strength. The Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning shoe also features an enhanced drive system that requires only one flywheel for optimal shoe performance and maximises uptime.

Automatic shifting with ProDrive™ transmission

The industry-exclusive ProDrive system uses PowerShift™ transmission technology to automatically shift between two speed ranges as ground conditions and terrain change to keep the combine harvesting at the desired ground speed.  Valuable harvest time will no longer be lost shifting on hills and when exiting fields to start transporting.

The ProDrive system on S700 Combines includes an integrated HarvestSmart™ feedrate control system to provide the maximum productivity and reduce operator stress and fatigue.

Platform tilt increases header productivity from the combine

Platform tilt allows operators to hydraulically adjust the fore-aft pitch of front-end equipment at the touch of a button from inside the cab to adapt to changing crop and field conditions.

  • Maximises performance of header in down crop or changing field conditions to extend the harvest day by up to one hour
  • Achieves customised fore-aft angle of header with 17 degrees of tilt
  • Adjusts from inside the cab, on the go.

TriStream™ rotor designed for coarse grains and easy-threshing small grains

The TriStream rotor is unique to John Deere because it features a slightly tapered design in the threshing area for best-in-class grain quality while dramatically reducing the growling that often comes with heavy rotor loads. The TriStream rotor is recommended for producers who harvest mainly coarse grains along with easy-threshing small grains.

The spiral vanes surrounding the rotor guide the crop material through the threshing and separating area in a pull-and-release action to improve performance. This John Deere S700 Combine feature will generate less power consumption.

Variable-stream rotor designed for tough material handling

The industry-exclusive variable-stream rotor features a tapered design in the threshing section, which improves crop flow, enhances grain quality, and reduces power consumption. The variable-stream rotor with adjustable top cover transport vanes is recommended for producers of rice and in tough threshing conditions.

The variable-stream rotor smooths crop flow during tough handling conditions to maximise throughput. Along with the tough-material handling capabilities of the variable-stream rotor configuration, the straw quality and length can be improved due to the electrically adjustable top cover transport vanes.