Air Hoe Drill

  • Depth control
  • Avoid overlaps and skips
  • Connecting hydraulics to the tractor
  • Blockage warning systems can save skips in the field


Fertiliser placement

Each easily-adjustable opener places fertiliser 2-in. to 6-in. deep, giving precise placement so the crop is being fed, not the weeds. The optional liquid fertiliser tip features 1/4-in. stainless-steel delivery tubes.

If operating in extreme, abrasive soil conditions, high-top knives are available. The high-top design adds carbide on the entire face of the knife, and also adds extra hard steel above the knife itself, which provides additional protection for the shank.

The standard dry knife features carbide tiles on the face to provide a long wear life. The standard knife is paired up with the 1.25-in. dry-delivery tube to provide accurate dry fertiliser placement.

Depth control

The use of independent hydraulic accumulator technology, combined with the separate packer wheel force, allows seed-depth gauging to be done on each individual row by the press wheel.

Seeding with the 1870 gives uncompromised control for seeding operation. Producers are able to maintain safe seed and fertiliser separation with depth placement up to 6 in. for the fertiliser. The competition uses a combined linkage system, allowing a maximum of 1.5 in. of separation.

Rear cart duals are recommended to help reduce deflection on the front hitch of the tool with a tow-between cart. Adding air pressure, without exceeding maximum psi, will also assist with reducing deflection.