Swing Machine

  • Peak Power: 186 kw (249 hp) at 1900 rpm
  • Max. Hydraulic Flow: 236 L/m x 2
  • Swing Torque: 120 000 Nm
  • Drawbar Pull: 30 350 kgf


Swing Machines




Undercarriage and mainframe are designed to deliver up to 67-percent longer life. More robust boom-foot base with larger pins strengthens the boom connection. Bushings have been added to the boom tower and boom tip to improve joint integrity and simplify repair.

Cab Comfort

  • Spacious cab boasts an additional three inches of legroom.
  • Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot levers provide smooth, precise fingertip control with less movement or effort.


  • Five high-intensity halogen lights are standard for when you need to extend your workday beyond daylight. Optional 14-light LED package plus service and access lights provide outstanding all-around illumination.

Three productivity models allow you to adjust the machine to the application.

• High productivity delivers more power and faster hydraulic response.

• Power delivers a balance of power, speed, and fuel economy for normal operation.

• Economy limits top speed and helps save fuel.


  • Larger service bays make it easier to access components, helping ensure daily checks and preventative maintenance get done effortlessly and on schedule.
  • With the LED light option, illumination in all service compartments means you won’t have to fumble around for a flashlight before dawn or after dark.

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