Compact Tractor Backhoe

  • Fits 1023E & 1025R Sub-Compact Tractors
  • Compatible with mid mower deck
  • Curved boom design
  • Flip around tractor seat

Do work-life balance right with a John Deere Sub-compact Tractor and 260B Backhoe on your lifestyle block

Powerful digging and backfilling action along with excellent visibility to the trench makes quick work in tough conditions. A full 180-degree rotation on most models lets you work in tight quarters. Unique RockShaft Assist (RSA) mounting system lets one person attach unit to tractor in less than five minutes.



Best-in-class performance and value

The 260 Backhoe was designed to have best-in-class features and also be price-competitive with the various backhoes in its class in the marketplace. Competitive units were tested and benchmarked to ensure that John Deere provided the right product at the right price:
  • Easy-to-use swivel seat mechanism that utilizes high-back tractor seat and ergonomically correct joysticks for maximum comfort
  • Fully enclosed boom and dipper stick for strength and durability
  • Mid-mower deck compatible to allow for compounding of equipment to save operator’s time
  • Tool-free installation/removal in a matter of minutes (once initially installed)
  • 20-cm (8-in.), 31-cm (12-in.), and 41-cm (16-in.) bucket choices with bolt-on, replaceable digging teeth

Operator comfort

The 260 Backhoe has been designed with maximum operator comfort in mind. The features listed below will keep you comfortable all day long when working on various projects.

Swivel seat system

Due to the limited space behind the operator station and where the backhoe mounts, the 260 Backhoe utilizes the 1023E, 1025R, and 1026R Tractor’s standard seat. Included with the backhoe’s mounting kit is a swivel mechanism that will be added to the current suspension system on the tractor.

Swiveling the seat is as simple as rotating the base upward, holding it up as you turn the seat counter-clockwise, and then rotating the seat downward toward the backhoe.

Operator platform

With the comfort of the high-back tractor seat and the easy-to-use two-lever controls, the 260 Backhoe makes for safe and easy operation all day long.

The 260 Backhoe has a tapered valve control covering, which allows for maximum leg room and great visibility into the trench being dug. This keeps the operator comfortable and productive all day long.

Quick attach and detach

The 260 Backhoe is designed so the backhoe can be removed in under 5 minutes with no tools needed (once initially installed). The design works almost identically to the process used to remove the backhoe from the 110 Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB). The instructions below are an abbreviated version of what can be found in the operator’s manual for installation and removal.

Mid-mower deck compatible

The 260 Backhoe is fully mid-mower deck compatible. The sub-frame for the backhoe will not interfere with the mower or mower deck linkage, regardless of which mower deck lift system you use, mechanical or independent lift.

The 1 Family Tractor mechanical mower lift linkage will allow the mower to be raised and lowered with the 3-point hitch removed and the 260 Backhoe attached.

Serviceable cylinders

All cylinders on the 260 Backhoe are fully serviceable; should there be any problems, the cylinders can be taken apart and rebuilt without having to replace the whole cylinder. The boom and dipper cylinders are equipped with circuit relief to protect the cylinder rods during these high-stress activities.

The swing cylinder on the 260 Backhoe is designed with an internal cushion on both ends of the stroke to ensure the cylinder does not come to an abrupt stop at the end of the stroke. This feature is appreciated by novice operators learning to use their backhoe or for the experienced when working in and around delicate surroundings, such as a fence or landscaping.