Air Hoe Drill

  • Positive depth control features and options
  • Choice of ground-engaging openers
  • Longer machine life with flexible frame
  • Remote height sensors


Positive depth control features and options

Setting depth is one of the most critical adjustments an operator will make to a seeding tool. John Deere provides a choice of two depth control options on the 1830 and 1835.

Mechanical depth shims are repeatable and reliable

Two indexed depth shim packs on the mainframe are not only easy to set but reduce the number of adjustment sites over previous designs by up to 60 percent.

TouchSet™ depth control

TouchSet depth control makes adjusting depth in response to changing field conditions easy and profitable. On 8R and 9R Series tractors, the operator uses selective control valve (SCV) #1 and the SCV TouchSet control panel to perform all the depth control functions from the seat.

Five tyre options for 1830 Air Hoe Drills

The correct tyres are critical to the overall performance and productivity of an air hoe drill. Five tyre options are provided for the 1830 Air Hoe Drill.

Wheels in base equipment on 1830 mainframe are:

  • Dual front caster wheels
  • Dual rear transport wheels

Equip the wing sections with duals in the following situations:

  • Maximum flotation is required for wetter soils or conditions
  • No requirement to have openers seeding outboard the outer wing caster tyre
  • Rough field conditions that could lead to potentially inconsistent seed depth

1830 and 1835 Air Hoe Drills hydraulic lift circuit

The 1830 and 1835 feature a simplified hydraulic system due to a common rockshaft design in the lift circuit.

Common rockshaft design

  • No rephasing of hydraulic cylinders
  • Fewer hydraulic components and hoses to maintain
  • Seed with confidence that all air hoe drill sections are seeding at the same depth.

Choice of ground-engaging openers

Knife bodies and points

Knife bodies are available in 2.5 cm (1 in.) or 10.2 cm (4 in.) spread points.

Use the 2.5-cm (1-in.) point for low disturbance or, if a wider spread pattern is desired to increase seedbed utilisation, use the 10.2-cm (4-in.) point.

Perma-Loc™ spoons and sweeps

Perma-Loc spoons and sweeps from John Deere offer reduced maintenance because the Perma-Loc design enables a change-out up to five times faster than traditional bolt-on components.

They also offer cost savings because with Perma-Loc spoons and sweeps, there is no more purchasing hardware each time spoons are changed out.

High-productivity sweeps

Thanks to its low profile, curved wing shape, the high-productivity sweep:

  • Performs best at a speed of 11.3 km/h to 16.1 km/h (7 mph to 10 mph)
  • Easily moves through tougher and higher volume residue
  • Retains its shape and width during its wear life
  • Wear life is longer than Tru-Width™ sweeps and equal or better than competitors
  • Excellent weed control performance.

The high-productivity sweeps for the John Deere 1830 Air Hoe Drill comes in 178-mm (7-in.), 229-mm (9-in.), and 254-mm (10-in.), and 305-mm (12-in.) widths, both in the bolt-on and the Perma-Loc version. They fit all 47-degree standards with 44.5-mm (1.75-in.) hole spacing and 11.1-mm (7/16-in.) that currently take Tru-Width sweeps, both John Deere and other makes.