Air Commodity Cart

  • Choice of auger or conveyor
  • Stationary single-shoot manifold
  • In-line drive system transfers power efficiently
  • Up to 430 bu. grain tank capacity on tow-between models


Choice of auger or conveyor

Producers have the choice of an auger or conveyor to fit their needs.
  • 254-mm (10-in.) auger
  • 203-mm (8-in.) auger
  • 305-mm (12-in.) conveyor

The telescoping spout provides the following benefits:

  • Decreases fill time
  • Easily fills each tank to the very top
  • Improves movement when going from one tank to another, matching the tank height

Meter seed accurately with confidence

A meter cartridge at each tank effectively meters seed or fertilizer into the primary manifold. Air carries the material to the secondary distributor for delivery to the openers on the seeding tool.

On the C-Series Air Carts, an electric actuator controls product flow from the tank to the meter housing:

  • Allows complete shut off of product flow with little effort
  • Allows the meter cartridge to be removed with material still in the tank(s)
  • Allows tanks to be emptied with meter and primary manifold in place.

Efficient air system ensures consistent product delivery

Secondary manifolds

Secondary manifolds with 25-mm (1-in.) diameter lines evenly distribute the seed and/or fertiliser from the primary manifold(s) to the furrow openers.

The 25-mm (1-in.) secondary lines used for seed are clear with a black spiral. For double-shoot air kits, hoses are clear with a green spiral.

The 1910 Commodity Air Cart uses an airstream to gently deliver seed and/or fertiliser to the openers. A strong, consistent airstream is necessary to keep product moving without plugging the air runs, while making sure damage is not occurring to the seed.


Take command of every acre and every input with SectionCommand™ system

SectionCommand is an effective, integrated, exclusive John Deere solution that reduces costly overlaps and skips that can waste seed and fertiliser, while offering more consistent fields that improve the potential of your yield and your bottom line.

Owner benefits include:

  • Improved consistency of crop maturity at harvest
  • Improved consistency during emergence and growing season
  • Reduced seed input cost
  • Reduced fertiliser input cost
  • Increased time between fills due to input savings.

Wirelessly controlled hydraulic conveyance reduces operator physical effort

Operators continually seek easier and faster operations while seeding and reduce time spent filling and unloading.

Conveyance on 12,334-L (350-bu), 15,200-L (430-bu), and 19,400 (550-bu) carts is controlled by hydraulic cylinders on the conveyance arms. The cylinders move the main arm, swing arm, and elevation. Now operators can easily deploy the conveyance system with less effort.

1910 Cart brakes

Cart brakes are an option with 430 Tow Between, 430 Tow Behind, and 550 Tow Behind carts. The brakes are required when using a 18.3-m (60-ft) N560F Disk Drill or 23.2-m (76-ft) P576 Air Hoe Drill.

The air cart brake system supplements the tractor brakes. The cart system senses when the tractor’s brakes are applied and engages a caliper on a rotor at each rear axle hub.

Air Power™ 2 fan drive system

Enhanced air seeding performance would not be possible without the updates to the 15,152-L (430-bu) and 19,381-L (550-bu) 1910 and C850 air carts. For the wider seeding width, more fan capacity has been added.

Air Power 2 provides two independently controlled fans – one for seed, one for fertiliser. Along with 76.2-mm (3-in.) primaries, more accurate delivery rates are possible across the full width of the seeding tool – from opener to opener. Air Power 2 delivers high rates, up to 40 percent more product delivery per primary compared to the single-fan system.

Camera ready

Monitoring the product levels in tanks has never been easier with the camera-ready feature of the 1910 and C-Series Air Carts. The carts come pre-wired to accept a camera in each tank and on the rear of the machine. Cameras allow the operator to conveniently monitor product levels in each tank, which is especially reassuring when product levels are low. Cameras also provide the operator with visibility behind the cart when traveling down the road.

For C-Series Air Carts, the producer can use up to four Voyager cameras on a Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter Display or 4640 Universal Display. If the producer wants to view more than four cameras, a producer-purchased camera display will be needed.